allison @allison108

Scotland, MD, United States

i have a daughter called chloe x my son called darren


Andrew - maybe he did, maybe ya couldn't hear him properly due to infection, lol. only trying to lighten i... More »
Ragazza - Wow...that hurts a lot!!!!! Got one also and no painkiller was helping. Got antibiotics...not str... More »
john,Hulk - i see why now ragazza i have had these problems for years with my ears,my ears crack and bleed be... More »
moyra - sadly cant stop the itch if you fined out please tell
Maggie - I spoke too soon. I'm having itchy to bleeding legs. arms a little. i think stress provokes it an... More »
Cheri - I get out of bed and sit on the side of the bathtub and put my leg under very cold water or as co... More »
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