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London, United Kingdom

wow i'm itchy!!! suffered with psoriasis for 19 years (since I was 19) still not come to terms with it! But hey ho shit happens!


Robert - What Meds?
Sarah - I've had this choice very recently too and isn't it a tough one. For me I decided to try other th... More »
john,Hulk - yes, i keep trying amy,been trying to win lotto since it started in the uk
john,Hulk - i am sorry you are sad,chin up,you know stress makes it worse :(,i look at it this way, got more ... More »
Jan - Most my wardrobe is at almost 70 (July) I develop scalp psoriasis!!! Lol!
Amy - jan have u been eating cucumber ha ha xx
valerie - YUP!! too, getting very frustrated always continually vacuuming flakes ....dust mites must... More »
Claire - I've heard of a type of psoriasis that appears when u got yourself, so I suppose the same would a... More »
Harold - That's called "Koebner phenomenon or Köbner phenomenon ". You get a breakout where there is injur... More »
Anton - Completely in agreement with Iva here. Keep moisturising your tattoo and keep it hygienically cl... More »
Indrila - Thanks Amy...Wish you the same...
Janice - I wish!! x Many thanks for the thought.
john,Hulk - and you amy :)
john,Hulk - and if you run out of toothpaste, you know what to use haha :)
Cheryl - Puts a different slant on slipping into bed doesnt it lol
Anneke Bosman - Wow that sounds interesting
Psoriatic4good - Expensive and rare here. But if You are after a good taste, try pumpkin seed oil ;)
Sherry - Yep... that and Noxema area my favorites
Heatherlynn - Changing your eating habits definitely do help! I've done 3 rounds of 1 month clean eating. Every... More »
john,Hulk - good for you amy,whats there to lose,hopefully the scales :)also better wellbeing, my energy has ... More »
Jack - Good luck Amy, sticking to a clean, anti-inflammatory diet has been a life saver for my skin.
Heatherlynn - Yep! It took me awhile to accept the fact that the psoriasis is here to stay and all I can really... More »
Psoriatic4good - If You get hangover more often, than You will get use to it :) And yes... CUT THE LONG SLEEVES... More »
john,Hulk - i hope you manage to find something to help you with the skin,plenty of stuff to try amy night n... More »
Cheryl - Hope you managed to get some sleep Amy.
Alan - Wonderful dream...
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