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21, have had psoriasis for over eleven years


Chris - Hi Amy I agree it is I am having some success with methotrexate
Jane - Same here! I am taking methotrexate too and applying some creams. Now I think my skin are getting... More »
Rosie - I will pre warn you now (I know this isn’t the same for everybody) but I’ve undergone that treatm... More »
Rosey - Hope your p stays away. I did not do the light treatment would have been too expensive and time c... More »
Michelle - I'm very happy to hear your P has cleared up Amy. I myself, have never tried UV therapy but I hop... More »
Amy97 - Thanks james appreciate that , does the itching go down while the psoriasis does?
Rosey - My opinion its a waste of time, sorry
Jenny777 - I finished my treatment 2 months ago and sadly it is already starting to come back..hope it works... More »
Dakeyras - Good for you lass and aye always best to try and keep positive... Best wishes for the new trea... More »
Michelle - Good luck with the treatment Amy97 and keep us posted on your recovery. I myself have never gone... More »
Sid - I had close to 100 sessions spread over 3 years or so. Initially, it was great but then the skin ... More »
Amy97 - Thanks for replying, how were the tablets and injections? Have heard of these but haven’t looked ... More »
Sarah - I haven't tried it but I know someone who has and she was covered from head to toe with pso it wo... More »
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