Malcolm @ananachaphobiac

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

I'm a 38 year old who decided to enroll in a full time acting course. I was old enough to be the dad of most of my melodramatic peers. 38 is too young to have a mid-life crisis...right?


Steve - Been on Biologics for 10+ yrs. wouldn't have it any other way, side effects have never experience... More »
Malcolm - That's encouraging. I've been given a few weeks to think about whether it's what I want. But it... More »
Penny - If you can afford it; you will be amazed ! At least try it !
Yvette - In Canada, any plus weather is about warm because we get cold winter days of -40 with windchills ... More »
Roxanne - I know hot baths arent good but they feel better them warm tepid ones.
Michelle - Ai Yvette, we can never win right? lol. but at least we know how to survive with P. When it gets ... More »
Susan - Malcolm the trick is to burn the spots a bit. That is what they did with me. There was some bur... More »
Suzanne - I am doing the phototherapy for 6 months now. The total time is 2:01min. For the last 3 months.
Stef - I remember I began with 12 sec...
Malcolm - Good heavens 10-15 seconds! (I'm resisting the urge to make a joke about the length of Scottish ... More »
Malcolm - Yeah, I know Susan. Baby steps and all that. You have to start somewhere. I think at the momen... More »
Susan - Malcolm with the light unit I have, as well as when I went years ago to a clinic, I never got pas... More »
Susan - Hope it works for you Malcolm. Did that for years. Eventually bought my own machine. I still h... More »
lisa - You have a sense of humor- keep it up!
Jayne - LOL Malcolm - keep going
Dot Roux - : ) love the humor. I've heard good things about light therapy - good luck!
Kim - My cousin has only ever had one patch on her ankle and that's it! It's very bizarre the way it ... More »
john,Hulk - they must have a problem with the immune system obviously but some have a bigger defect than othe... More »
Kim - I agree John. The defect is definitely worse in some than others or we would all be at the same l... More »
john,Hulk - good luck malcom,and if you are new here ,welcome to flaym:)
Eileen - Bathing in dead sea salts controls the itch
Raymond - Goodluck man. Let me know how the light therapy goes
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