Andrew @andrewp83

Huddersfield, UK


Andrew - Will do Linda plus I've started putting clim film on my body it help keep the ointment on longer ... More »
Sarah - That sounds yum Andrew! I eat blueberries too. But I don't eat them with anything except other fr... More »
Andrew - Yeah me too I eat them on there own they rest nice.
Andrew - U did good for putting the spoon down and continuing with the diet good on u i know it won't be e... More »
Sarah - Yes Andrew we'd love to support you! Just like you support us. We all need each other's encourage... More »
Andrew - Thanks Sarah I'll have to get some coconut milk I next few day can't really remember if i like it... More »
Andrew - I know it's good that i found out what can cause my flare up just sucks at min in till I get u no... More »
Sarah - Yes those weather changes are really not helpful... I hate the dry heat. Winter is usually worst ... More »
Andrew - I know can't wait for summer the sun is definitely welcome hopefully the bump will be nothing and... More »
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