Andy @andy3

Completely new to this... honestly just looking for some advice and support from people who understand


Jasmin - Generally, stress is a trigger for us, so if you're emotionally unstable then it is very importan... More »
john,Hulk - I have had it all my life Andy,i do get disappointed when skin gets worse in winter and joints ac... More »
Sarah - Yes I'm in that zone right now! I just try to up my anti inflammatory foods, moisturiser more tha... More »
Peter - pm me the links when they start please will be interesting to watch
Andy - They’ve already started Peter although its audio only. Available on podcasts app on iPhone as ‘T... More »
Sarah - Oo sounds really interesting Andy!
Sarah - Yes definitely interested Andy, thanks for sharing! What does it actually taste like?
Andy - Theres loads of different flavours available I’ve got the ‘improved vanilla’ version but I’ve hea... More »
Michelle - Hi Andy. I have tried a few meal replacement shakes but I am not a fan of it. Most contain Gluten... More »
Sarah - Hi Andy, good to see you back! I haven't had p on my lips... I use vaseline when my lips are dry ... More »
Andy - Thanks Sarah, it’s been a while. I’ve been trying to get used to having it and there was a period... More »
Carol - I would tell my past self...I cannot control it, but I can try. It's a non stop battle.
Sarah - Hi Andy, welcome to Flaym. You are the age of the number of years I've had psoriasis now! 21 year... More »
Andy - Thank you all for the responses. Really helpful knowing other people do exist with this as selfis... More »
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