Angela @angela55

Cardiff, United Kingdom


James - I'm up in Scotland where the sun is shining bright but I wouldn't want to be outside without a sw... More »
Mishlyn - I do feel cold some days..almost like my bones are cold...also not sure about relationship with p... More »
Sarah - I read that people with psoriasis tend to run hotter than others, and is why we have more potenti... More »
Sarah - I've had pains in my toenails when they were psoriatic yes, quite a deep throb as I remember. Wen... More »
Ruben - Sometimes, depends on where in my nail it appears. When it's on the sides, it's like my nail is r... More »
Angela - OOh, horrid. Mine is at the base of the nails the quick. It makes me want to cry.
Angela - Thanks Michelle. I have to wait a bit before I change my diet as I have recently been diagnosed w... More »
Mishlyn - Sorry to hear that Angela, I hope you are able to get your iron levels down soon. Cutting down wi... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Angela! You are amongst flakey achey friends here with us. Glad you found us!
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