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Albany, OR, United States


Susan - Angie I remember one thing for sure. Huge thick patches on my scalp and on my elbows and side of... More »
Lynn - I used to use a sugar scrub and one of those stones they use for pedicures 😧. Sounds painful, an... More »
john,Hulk - mine dosnt build up thankfully,it dosnt get bad, can get sore but not hugely,sorry to hear this... More »
Mishlyn - I have not thought of that, is that the fat that solidifies? What a great idea :) I am sure t... More »
Cheryl - Yes love bone broth and it’s very good for you.😊 Enjoy
Sarah - Absolutely, Angie! I make bone broth every time I roast a whole chicken. It makes about 5 cups fr... More »
Susan - Peg sugar is sugar. Honey is sugar. I only have 1/2 a pear or a banana, or maybe 4 strawberries... More »
Susan - John food is big money. Advertising works. I know I go to the store for groceries on welfare da... More »
john,Hulk - sounds good susan, i eat avacados everyday,they are expensive though here in the uk, i like burge... More »
Deleted account - Yes, but only during a bad flare. And every salve I use hurts, so then have to resort to ice to c... More »
Sarah - Hi Angie, I haven't personally had this but others on here have experienced similar... I think Ga... More »
richard - That's quite a hike
Nan195 - Get better soon 🌹
Lorna Penner - Epsons salts is very good even in your bath--it takes inflammation too.
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