Anita @anitalynn19

Boston, MA, United States

"She believed she could, so she did" #faithoverfear #hemakesmebrave #daughterofaking


Mishlyn - Great to hear Anita! πŸ˜ƒ
Jill - That is awesome, Anita! What are you trying? (Sorry if I missed this info from an earlier post....)
witnessy - Lavender oil may help,bit it has tot je thΓ© real stuff.
darren - im finding its all about the food I eat - been on a good diet for 4 weeks now and seen massive im... More Β»
Jack - Sweet, glad to hear of your progress Anita!
Jill - Hey Anita! That is awesome! What have you deleted from your diet?
Howard - I use CeraVe cream every evening too, along with my other moisturizers in the arsenal. Good find!
Chelle - The healing ointment in the dark blue? Amazing!
Kay - Happens to me if I've scratched them too much, I sometimes clean it up with a wipe or water, dry ... More Β»
Jessica - Oh no! did you try a nice long soak
Anita - I am not looking to go Vegan at all! But I am reading this book with an open mind and I am lookin... More Β»
Jack - Edgar Casey was cool too! I believe it is from his teachings that I first tried American Saffron ... More Β»
connon - Please do!
allan - what is Shea butter? , I must admit to being a butter lover although we have Flora in fridge
Janice - I looked at a video on shea butter and to be honest the after just looked the same as using any m... More Β»
Missy - I have psoriasis in my ears and on my scalp. I do use shea butter on a cotton swab to moisturize... More Β»
Chris - who seems to have the root cause called leaky gut and shows you how to heal your leaky gut which ... More Β»
SFSaltCo - So sorry to hear that! Have you ever used Minera Dead Sea Salt for relief? Minera Dead Sea Salts ... More Β»
Anita - @Shen, I bought the book!
Ragazza - With the black pepper ?? Here it's improving also but still a lot of work on the big heavy spots... More Β»
Ally - I've taken tumeric for over a year now. Not for psoriasis I hasten to add, but over the past 12 m... More Β»
Nicola - turmeric is great, specially root turmeric, although it has not improved my scalp and ear psorias... More Β»
Anita - thank you everyone!!
Alan - Still scratching my head thinking!
gary - if you find out about scalp remedies please let me know thanks
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