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Calgary, AB, Canada

Innovation is what makes change happen


Paul - Cornwall England always wet and windy here but warmer than Scotland
James - It's actually been okay this weekend, I only needed 6 layers of thermals instead of 10.
Susan - Oh Annette... What a dream to live there. Me? I'm from Vernon, BC Canada.
Susan - Ruby just keep on this site. You will find tons of ideas. I know that I post all the time about... More »
Ruby - Thank you Susan, Don and John. I’m still trying to figure out this site so I hope I am posting i... More »
Susan - Ruby sounds like you are doing alot of great things. BTW... We are our own guinea pigs. LOL. I... More »
Susan - Hmmm. I love sushi and don't have it often. I usually tend to eat california rolls and tempura ... More »
Sarah - Oo never heard that about sushi before, hope it clears up again when you are sushi free
john,Chewweeeeee - gladly i dont like shell fish so, not a problem, if it dont look like a normal looking type fish... More »
Susan - That's interesting Annette... Moccasins go back to the beginning of time. Natural footwear.
James - I can't wear trainers. Good quality leather shoes and light slightly loose socks.
Geraldine - My feet are effected too, I do oil them and use a steriod cream they were really cracking and und... More »
Susan - Annette I eat meat everyday. Iron deficiency was a big deal all my life. Same with my daughter.... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - hello annette,i take suppliments in iron aswell as other suppliments thanks
Susan - Annette one thing about this site is that it is encouraging beyond belief. Heck, we don't even a... More »
Deleted account - Womp womp womp
Sarah - That's great Annette! Me too. I feel totally different about my psoriasis now that I'm connected ... More »
Sarah - Not me (yet) Annette but hope other Flaymers will have tips and experiences. Have you tried the s... More »
Deleted account - perhaps some baby butt aid will help. I got skills. No dairy, No spicy foods, No wheat them babie... More »
Sue1963 - My flares are becoming closer together. Psoriasis on the bottom and sides of feet only. I am so f... More »
Annette - John do you have puscular p? And seems like a big list of eliminated foods. Has it eliminated you p?
john,Chewweeeeee - hello annette, i have plaque psoriasis,i have had it all my life and psoriatic arthritis 14 years... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - sorry,my hands have been completely clear all summer, first time in years :)
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