Annette Gill

Annette Gill @annettegill


56 yr olds. Nanny to 8 grandchildren. Carer to parents. Retired special needs teaching assistant


Dave - Yes Annette, I have osteo arthritis at the very bottom on my spine but quite badly four or five v... More »
Dave - Had physiotherapy.......for me, pointless, osteopathy, 10/10.
Mickg48 - I agree with Dave osteopath is the way to go.
Annette Gill
Alan - I use some coconut oil, but sometimes need some cortisone cream...
Mickg48 - Annette I use Vaseline but now petrolium jelly which does not melt on the skin as easily and yes ... More »
Dave - Hi Annette, go to Boots, in the baby section they sell Baby petroleum jelly which is white as opp... More »
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