Drum @anorak

Brisbane QLD, Australia

Change is inevitable, progress is optional.


Aimee - Hi there, have you had any side effects with biologics? I would love to consider because nothing ... More »
carol - I have been on and off biologics for about 15 years and the only side effects that I have been bo... More »
Frani - I just recently started on Humira and am praying it will work and SOON
Drum - Well, one week now and the most dramatic results I've had in 15 years. So happy. Only side-effect... More »
Michelle - That's wonderful news Drum.I hope the itch will get better. Good luck and I'm happy for you :)
Bev - So happy for you Drum! Hoping the itch will disappear too
Michelle - That would be wonderful to start a park run Drum. We have one here in my hometown Alberton and it... More »
john,Hulk - I did the bransgore charity fun run last year, i was supposed to do it this year but, i was worki... More »
Sarah - Ah no park run is ace! I've been thinking about starting it too. I'm sure that walking will help ... More »
Sarah - That sounds very like me in many ways! What an uplifting thing to read that you have got a plan f... More »
Mishlyn - Good for you Drum! Getting started can sometimes be the hardest step. Looking forward to hearing ... More »
Michelle - Drum, the lemon works very well for my P. Im a coal tar person. I used the lightest one for my in... More »
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