Arch @arch

Stockholm, Sweden

Brit between Sweden and the UK. Would be nice to find some fellow psorisians to connect with. Beagles, gaymer, architect.


Arch - Thanks for replying, I understand that everyone is different and has different experiences with p... More »
Kay - Ive been using this for Years on my face. Not good i know but its the only thing that calms the s... More »
Claudia - Treat the cause not the symptoms... not keen on steroids
john,Hulk - Thanks Arch, Yes i dread to think what i have spent over the years just to make it comfortable,I ... More »
Michelle - Hi Arch and welcome to Flaym. In South Africa we need a prescription for steroids as well, but, I... More »
john,Hulk - Haha, i am joking Michelle about this lol, Yes i know i been with it all my life so, i am used to... More »
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