Ashleigh @ashleigh

New Castle, DE, United States

Being different isn't a bad thing, it just means you are brave enough to be yourself ❤️


Mishlyn - Welcome Back Ashleigh! Great to hear you are better than ever! What is helping you most these day... More »
Sarah - Good to see you Ashleigh! Love it! Doing well here thanks, and so good to see you are too. Keep p... More »
john,Hulk - i may spread some flakes around ,.that will make them aware for sure :):)
Ashleigh - Hope everyone is doing well! I was away for a while :) But I am back!!
john,Hulk - Hello Ashleigh, yes its been a while since i last saw you here, i hope you are doing well ? :)
Deleted account - I have Plaque, Guttae and Inverse Psoriasis.
Mary - Plaque, flared up the past two weeks.
Anne - The same it is on my scalp ! Loosing my hair now ,
Stuart - Just downloaded it. Didn't know that there was one, thanks
Ashleigh - I was so excited to see it. For some reason the website was slowwww
Ra11 - I'm going to download the app now! Thanks for letting me know!!!!
Lynne - Touch wood I've always been lucky with my tattoos always kept them really moisturised though x
Tom - I've got 7 tattoos and when I was last in phototherapy the nurse said that getting a tattoo can h... More »
Lee - I admit I do the same on my scalp occasionally but like any addiction the more you feed the monst... More »
Stuart - Agree, I know that I really shouldn't
Ashleigh - I know lee! My scalp is the biggest one I pick at! It's like peeling sunburn or picking at a scab!!
Suzanne - 🙌🏻🙌🏻💜
Psoriatic4good - I'm a mermaid for sure. Retarded mermaid with no tail, but with flakes :)
Psoriatic4good - I will call it "The flaked one" :) For a little bit of drama :)
Flaym - Working on it! Will be live within 1-3 weeks.
Ashleigh - That makes me so excited 🤗
Psoriatic4good - That is so nice! Thank You!
Hassan Daniyal - It might help ;)
santosh - well said Ashleigh ...and its a big hope for people by seeing a figure 7.9 million ......i am on ... More »
Ashleigh - John, I can completely understand that. I just recently became comfortable with my skin and it ma... More »
john,Hulk - yes i have been there with ignorance and bullying .sounds good, i am glad that you have the confi... More »
Asha - That's amazing!! 😄
Deleted account - @ashleigh good for you hun, its very liberating, seeing people with P these days due to stress, p... More »
lisa - love this! only wish I had your inner strength.x
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