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Michelle - True Atul but too much sweating makes my P itch. Do you itch when sweating?
john,Hulk - Same here Michelle,If i sweat too much i scratch like i got fleas,why its good to be at a good we... More »
Michelle - That's true John, luckily I'm not that much over weight so I don't sweat a lot. When hiking, i w... More »
Michelle - That is wonderful news Atul! I've never been a fan of citrus :) trust Leonie, she knows :)
James - I was drinking maybe up to two litres a day for a while but as part of my I allow myself no more... More »
Sarah - On my elimination diet I was expecting citrus to maybe be an issue but it isn't! Not for me
john,Hulk - Atul changed his diet/lifestyle Michelle a while ago,He contacted me via flaym mail last week to... More »
Michelle - Ah that's wonderful news John. Very happy for him :) And to you for helping him. Well done :)
john,Hulk - Thanks Michelle,i am not sure its down to me though? he did message me to say how good things are... More »
James - I did the same swapping my hand soap, shower gel and shampoo for non soap varieties, mine contain... More »
Michelle - I don't think South Africa sell coar tar soap because I will be the first one to buy it.
James - For the record, I just searched YouTube for coal tar soap. Plenty review videos but no how to mak... More »
Md - I tried glutamine 3 days, it triggered my P, then stopped. But some people got good result, heale... More »
Sarah - Is glutamine the same as L-glutamine? I heard this is good for psoriasis for some people. I also ... More »
Md - I tried L Glutamine, did not help. I bought from Amazon may be.
Jen - That's great Atul. I love the smell of both oils and not so greasy. Skin absorbs them really well.
Mishlyn - Sounds wonderful Atul! I sure could go for a Jacuzzi right now :)
Sarah - Oo that sounds greasy Atul!
Paul - It is definitely a vicious circle without a doubt
Mishlyn - Indeed, depression is not good for us. Throwing it away is easier said than done, but holding tig... More »
Sarah - Very difficult to break! And I think p is a cause of depression for some too...
john,Hulk - Oh yes, alcohol can do that, deaden the nerves,thats my excuse to drink when i do :)
Rita - I’m not a drinker anyway. :)
Rita - I think one of us is going to have to change her name! 🤪
Leonie Mateer - I just read the article.. amazing...
john,Hulk - We will all be going to clear the shelves out in the shops of this :)
Mishlyn - I just read it as well, thanks for sharing. Amazing indeed!
john,Hulk - ye sugar is a really bad one though you know that , hope all goes well Stacy
Stacy - I know sometimes it’s just so hard to resist need to think of the summer and getting beach body r... More »
john,Hulk - i know all to well being an ex sugar addict, chocolate was my favourite daily for years,well i ho... More »
Ruben - Added vitamine D to my diet after joining Flaym, haven't regretted it a second!
Sarah - I really think it is too Atul
Susan - Atul it is an important vitamin. I get most of mine from the sun but also from my Moringa too.
Mishlyn - Good for you Atul! As John says some changes are better than none! Happy you have seen some changes!
Sarah - Ooo great how one change can make a difference! Imagine how many more changes might give you good... More »
Susan - Good for you Atul. Keep it up!
Ashley - why don't any of you guys do dairy?
Ashley - It's not one I've heard before either Atul
john,Hulk - Hello Ashley, well dairy is generally not good for anyone, its produced for cows/calves and not h... More »
Susan - I don't know alot about lanolin creams and don't used creams. Aloe vera is my go to. Did you ha... More »
Sarah - They are good for some things as I found out after having my first baby! But maybe not for p... n... More »
Sarah - The mysteries of P, Atul!
Sarah - Love that, Atul! Sun is so good for the p and the spirits I find! ☀️☀️☀️
Geraldine - I can't touch milk, and had to stop soy too upsets my tummy big time. I get calcium from avocado,... More »
Geraldine - I go to beach most days for a dip My favorite place, so therapeutic love the salt and minerals ... More »
Ats - It said vanilla extract can ease p
Sarah - I heard about that too, Atul. I think someone posted here a while ago about vanillin too. Interes... More »
Jen - John same here! as soon as I start sweating first my scalp starts itching like mad 😡 and the rest... More »
john,Hulk - thank you red spot, i do any exercise i think i will be a pin, i lost a lot of weight with diet/l... More »
Deleted account - Motion is everything, it separates the plaque buidup.. you don't have to go crazy with it. Taking... More »
Deleted account - the pressure inside your body is greater than atmospheric , probably a good thing ;-)
Deleted account - Steroid creams are a big problem - I have been using them for 25 years now and they have caused m... More »
Deleted account - .This includes white blood cells , if fluids do not cross into the ex-cellular matrix, nothing el... More »
john,Hulk - this is too deep for me otto, drink plenty of bottled /filtred water eat healthy for a psoriatic ... More »
Deleted account - this transfer is a major problem with chemo therapy , the agents only reach the boundaries of tum... More »
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