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Jeri - It's not, I agree. However, when I am so itchy that I can't stand it, I run water as hot as I can... More »
MR - I also take a Benadryl. I have The Benadryl liquid in frig. I use that sometimes
john,Hulk - hello atul, depends how bad the skin is, last winter was awful for me , now, i dont care and its ... More »
Susan - Atul I agree. I'll also add that both fear and anger stop us from living life that is truly abun... More »
Sarah - Absolutely. Fear, worry, stress, high emotions...
Jayne - that is so so true
john,Hulk - i am joking atul , great work :)
Ats - 😃👍
Mishlyn - So great to hear that Atul! :D Well done!
john,Hulk - maybe atul, i will be successful when i win the lottery ,if i win thanks :)
Susan - Hmmm. You could be right Atul. I'm with john. Bring on the lottery winnings...
Ats - Is it reduction of heat in the car that used to flair up my p on legs,don’t know.
James - Maybe Atul, heat makes mine itch like crazy.
Susan - Good for you Atul... The car brought you some joy...
Susan - Yay Atul! Bread just turns to sugar in your body. Keep up the good work!!
john,Hulk - good for you atul,some changes is better than none but, it is a choice a choicefor everyone :)
Sarah - Great Atul! Glad to see something giving you good results!
Mishlyn - I really need to take the time and make the time for daily meditation. It's so helpful when I do. 💜
Keith Brown-Johnson - I have found the more stress Im under the worse the flareup tends to be
Susan - Keith Brown-Johnson welcome to the site. I consider myself healed and I encourage you to take no... More »
john,Hulk - if it cold atul,then you need it,especially if it gets fogged up inside your car,you wont be able... More »
Sarah - Bad for me Atul! And now that it's coal fire season here in the UK, this will dry the air in my h... More »
john,Hulk - unless you have a shirt with say blue with white dots on it or pictures/print of snow flakes, it... More »
Sarah - Yes John totally agree! Multicolour prints always good! Listen to us fashionistas...
john,Hulk - haha sarah, well ,best way if you want dark colours,have some white patterns in there to hide the... More »
Susan - I love only fresh apples that are actually in season right now. I don't eat alot of fruit though.
Sarah - Some say no fruit, some say apples are good... I can only think it varies person to person.
Kim - Hi Atul. No apples thank you. Fruit is not good for us.
Susan - Oh dear Atul... I guess now you know beer is not the best thing for you.
Sarah - Beer can be so terrible, sometimes it affects me and sometimes not too bad. I tried a gluten free... More »
Sarah - Hey Atul, I was in a jacuzzi yesterday but no coconut oil. I think the heat does dry my plaques o... More »
Phil - I meditate on God's Word, it helps with any situation
john,Hulk - ok phil,can you pray i win the lottery :) any situation you said thank you :)
Vandit - Not tried, but people say it will help remove stress which ultimately might help. Will try it mys... More »
Mishlyn - Thanks Atul :) I agree, whether at the gym or home, physical activities are essential to our well... More »
Sarah - Couldn't agree more, couldn't be without my exercise 2-4 times a week, it keeps me feeling positi... More »
john,Hulk - makes me itch, all that sweating,have fun at the gym atul :)
Mishlyn - Hi Atul! I wish you great luck! I'm looking forward to see how it goes for you 😊
Jill - Sounds good! Keep us posted with your results! 😁
tony - Hope it works for you atul
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