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Rosey - That's different than what we suffer, gone gluten free, but celiac a different thing, sometimes i... More Β»
Ava - Rosie, autoimmune diseases tend to clump together. One may have several at a time. From what th... More Β»
Ashley - I totally quit eating bread and severity has been somewhat less. I hardly ever eat pasta.
Mishlyn - Have a wonderful time Ava! Sounds like the perfect remedy for your skin & soul ❀ Enjoy!!
Jen - Great Ava ocean and sunshine! Have a wonderful time. Relax and enjoy.
Susan - Have a super vacation Ava!
Mishlyn - I agree! Support is so crutial to us. Having gone without it for so many years.. I can see and fe... More Β»
Irene - Well said!
Jayaprakash - Enjoy your life
Susan - Great idea. I'm going to try this on my scars that I have from all the steroid use. Less costly... More Β»
Ava - Susan, I have no idea whether or not it'll lighten scars but hope it will! The combo's definitel... More Β»
Michelle - I'm going to sound a bit stupid but what scars did you get from steroid's?
Ava - To both Michelles - I'm using the test using litmus paper as recommended by Leonie Mateer here on... More Β»
Mishlyn - Thank you Ava! I have never done this, but I am going to try! Is there a certain type of strip th... More Β»
Ava - Michelle, just basic ph strips are fine. If you type "alkaline acid test" on youtube, you'll fin... More Β»
john,Hulk - Thank you Michelle, the sea is great and with a little sun too,i want to get clear for my Lanzaro... More Β»
Michelle - Enjoy the tea Ava and all of you enjoy the warm weather and think of me fading away in the cold S... More Β»
Susan - Not really a tea fan Ava but used to like honey. Just got away from it. Tomorrow morning for br... More Β»
john,Hulk - Your welcome ,thats great Ava, this is the way i thought when i made changes, how will i be in so... More Β»
Sarah - The itch is a bitch, Ava!
john,Hulk - So is my mum :)
Ruben - Welcome to the Flaymily Ava, I only started realizing that healing/good skin comes from the insid... More Β»
Glam - I,ve had p for 5 years. I,m convinced it started with an infection. Once it was diagnosed, consul... More Β»
Ava - Michelle, I've been moderating my diet for the past 2-3 years -focusing on eating clean by avoidi... More Β»
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