Briana @bc

Santa Monica, CA, United States

Have had psoriasis for over 11 years and it SUCKS!! My pug helps make everything better though.


Briana - I can’t tell you how amazing each of you are for commenting and showing your support. I absolutel... More »
Michelle - To a flake free life Briana! Hip Hip....Hooray!
john,Hulk - Live the dream :)
Dee - I am using a mix of coconut oils oregano and tea tree oil.
Sharon - I have used the steroid ointment once a day on the cuticle and about a quarter of the way up each... More »
Deleted account - I did a major breakup of plaque in my feet , Toes , heel , soles of feet , much better . Side eff... More »
Mishlyn - Welcome Briana! 😊 Its so great to be able to connect with everyone. Happy you found us! Hope you ... More »
Deleted account - Hello Briana, welcome! you will find plenty of support, advice and sympathy in our Flaymily!
Pamela - Hello Brianna...welcome
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