steve @beachbum

Cypress, TX, United States

Recently found something that might have cured my psoriasis. Trying to help others.


Rosey - Only one Dr tested but d level, I was low but he didn't bother to tell me how to get it up lol
Ava - Good for you, Steve! I believe D3 is key. Since taking D3 with magnesium and K2, my psoriasis h... More »
Rita - I recently had my vitamin D level tested and it was quite high, not in the toxic range but headin... More »
Rosey - Yayyy, my toenails are white, thick and brittle all at once, but that's OK, they are only toes, h... More »
Michelle - Fantastic news Steve. Well done. I'm happy for you :)
john,Hulk - Good news Steve,I used to have those over 2 years ago but since i changed my lifestyle, no ugly n... More »
Ava - Tremendous attitude; worthy warrior, Steve! 🌺🌻🥀🌹🌷🌸💐🎉
Michelle - I agree with Ava Steve, you are a worthy warrior indeed. Thank you for being an inspiration to al... More »
john,Hulk - Me too agree , Great attitude and advice , Thanks man :)
steve - Dr. Rheaume-Bleue, the author of Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox: How a Little Known Vitamin C... More »
Alexandros - Thanks for that great info. I will bring that up in my next appointment with the Dr.
steve - Yes, just tell him you've heard magnesium and K2 (not K1) are important in the D3 and calcium ac... More »
steve - I live in Texas, but also supplement. Maybe I should just spend 30 minutes a day working on my t... More »
Julia - Topical vit D I wonder if you could put it on your scalp
Sarah - Topical vitamin D is AWESOME. It has helped my guttate psoriasis so much...
Sarah - Steve yes the sauerkraut is great! So good to add to so many different meals, and great for crunc... More »
Ruben - Let's check if they ship to Belgium :)
Ruben - They do ship, but quite costly. Will check if I can find something closer to home... Thanks for t... More »
Julia - Steve you are an inspiration I am looking forward to follow your wisdom and hopefully be cured. T... More »
Nan195 - Hi Steve, you need not clear up anything. Kombucha could very well have cured your P just like R... More »
Susan - Well said Bev. Your bodies are all different, so I agree that there is a cure for everything, mo... More »
steve - It sounds like you did everything right and the SCOBY will come back to life in two or three week... More »
Judi - Our thermostat is set on 76...because I have poor circulation from the CHD...and the kombucha is ... More »
Mishlyn - Great to hear you have started your brew Judi! I have seen posts on fb groups where others had s... More »
Sarah - Yes I've used it in asian cooking Steve, but isn't readily available near me... be really interes... More »
steve - I'm able to get it locally in Houston. It has great medicinal properties. I like the way it bur... More »
Ruben - Hey Steve, thank you for sharing! The turmeric already was an eyeopener for me, I'll be sure t... More »
steve - If you know anyone already making it, just ask them for one. They will give it to you free as I ... More »
michelle - Okay thanks, I don't know anyone that does but can check my fb yard sale site and ask.
Susan - Too late now Steve. LOL. Can only pray that it works out. If not then I'll start all over agai... More »
steve - If you lived closer I'd set you up with SCOBYs and even a juicer. I have three now as when my Ai... More »
Sarah - The ginger beer sounds amazing Steve!
steve - Hey John, just for a bit more, there are articles and research that suggest people are killing th... More »
steve - I'll give you your own case Sarah.
JThegg - You must have alot of time on your hands, cool.
steve - It doesn't take that much time, about four hours every two weeks to make two cases. You seem to ... More »
Nan195 - Hi Steve, haven’t seen it here and how would I make it at home 🌹
steve - Hi Nan, if you go to my profile page and scroll down to my first post, the process, equipment, an... More »
Nan195 - Thanks Steve 🌹
steve - Hi Geraldine, yes it is odd and unfortunate. Some people win the money lottery, my family lost t... More »
steve - Hi Pegge, I went to the UPS store and asked if I could ship a bottle. They asked me what it was ... More »
Elio - I live in Houston ☺️
Susan - Thank you Steve. You are certainly a wealth of information on this Kefir stuff. I will try it s... More »
Sarah - Hey Steve, thats great. Would love to get an "idiot's guide" on how to make coconut water kefir. ... More »
steve - Hi Sarah, there is not much to it. Make regular water kefir first. You just get some water kefir... More »
Ava - Thanks, Sarah! I love ginger ale and ginger beer!
steve - The best place to get galangal and lemon grass near me is: Hung Dong Market 13433 Tomball Parkwa... More »
Ava - Thanks, Steve!
Ava - If only, Sarah! If only .... :)
Julien - Hi Steve, thank you for sharing this, it's the first post I read here and it is also the first... More »
Aubrey - Hey Steve, i somehow found this post. I’m 29 and suffered from psoriasis for as long as I can rem... More »
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