bernadette @bernadette3

Dublin, Ireland

Love dogs my Yorkshire terrier name lily my baby my husband thinks im mad cos I love dogs sooooo much


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Jenny777 @jenny777778
I am 65 , had psoriasis for 9 years , triggered I think by traumatic event in...
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Rosey @sue2023

Perth WA,

Had psoriasis forever but weathered the ups and downs.Tomorrows a different s...
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john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

Salisbury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

I am full of white scars :), I am a maintenance operative in my job, i am a...
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Michelle @mishlyn

Ontario, Canada

One of my biggest lessons in life and with Psorasis is: ❤when you change t...
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Michelle @michelle1021

Alberton, Gauteng, South Africa

I really...REALLY love wine...
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Andrea @andrea83185
Its not easy ....
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