Bernice @bernicej

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa


Eric - I used to work out 20-30 hours a week, since my girl friend passed away last March all I do is dr... More »
Susan - Eric I am sorry for your loss. That's tough. I do hope you can pull yourself out of this slump,... More »
Kelvin - Take each day as it comes and give yourself the Right and time to grieve. You won't get over the ... More »
Sarah - Never tried it Bernice!
Bernice - Here's hoping u never need to Sarah! Xoxo
Laura - I have found on really rough days cannabis and numb Master from Amazon can make the day much easi... More »
Cherie - Hope you improve soon. 🌹
Sarah - Yeowwch Bernice 😓😓😓 Hope the cream helps to clear up the soreness, and maybe 2018 will bring some... More »
john,Hulk - we hope that and a hopefully not a flakey new year for all
Sarah - Hi Sarah, it's from a farm in Wales called Chuckling Goat. They have a website if you do a search... More »
john,Hulk - i have been recommended this from a hairdresser who talked about chuckling goat :)
Sarah - Thank you Sarah! Will look into it.
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