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Mishlyn - I hope that can work for you Beth. When I was younger I was a server\bartender. My P was really ... More »
Simon - I get something similar on the waistband, especially in jeans. I used vaseline for a while and th... More »
Michael - Try Body Glide for Her Anti Chafing Balm. It should help you.😉
Susan - That's cool Beth. I only wear clear nail polish but it's more a nail strengthener. I'm more tom... More »
Mishlyn - Great tip Beth! Thanks for sharing!
agb - thanks for the tip. I plan to keep my nails pretty for as long as possible.
Susan - Harold I'm with you. Going to send ironing over to Jacqueline. Actually I have an iron, but I w... More »
john,Hulk - on here, model lighting and painting etc ,play records,musicand just flake out :)
Deleted account - Lots of other online admin/moderating, paper cutting, definitely no ironing...😆
Lynne - me too. I have tried nail hardener but does not work
Rich - With soft finger nails and that they kept splitting. My gf out a thin layer of clear gel extensi... More »
Heather Martin - Hi Beth even I have this same problem my nails were turning into sawdust and 1st I used to put na... More »
Peg - People can b so dang ignorant.
john,Hulk - not nice,sorry to hear this beth,
Sarah - I'm sure that person has underestimated how offensive that is. I hope you're feeling strong about... More »
Deleted account - walking from the UK to Disneyland would make anyone's feet sore ;-)
Beth - That explains it then Will ;)
Deborah - I soak my feet in Luke warm water and file the dry skin off , then I put polysporin on the crack... More »
Susan - Thanks Beth. I love that I am learning something new pretty much everyday. That never get's old... More »
john,Hulk - thats a steriod isnt it beth, i didnt get on with it as i know its normally used for eczema,i am ... More »
Sarah - Love spray creams, I love the Aveeno one best as I don't find it sticky!
Becky - When my P gets so bad I don't want my husband to look at me/touch me, let alone have sex, he know... More »
Ant - Yes I'm on the same road I think Why should my partner put up with this She deserves better...
john,Hulk - Its because she loves you Ant,If one loves someone that much , they will put up with a lot of cr... More »
michael - Best of luck and enjoy the wedding. stay positive
Susan - Sorry to hear that Beth. Good for you on the weight loss though.
Gail - Take the dress to the garage, lay down a painter's drop cloth, get yourself some red fabric paint... More »
Sarah - Id be fuming too Beth thatbis horrendous. Hope your derm has got some new options for you!
Dai - What was it doing to your skin? I've just started treating myself at home, and I'm weary about da... More »
Susan - Dai there are consequences always with any artificial treatment for sure. However, sometimes we ... More »
Beth - Work which I actually enjoy and the British Musical Firework Championships :)
Diane - Going on holiday to a beautiful tropical island.
Susan - New job orientation tomorrow. New motor bike helmet shopping... Not an overly exciting week. Wh... More »
arlene - salt water pools are the chlorine and for some reason dosnt dry me out. If you can fin... More »
Beth - Thanks guys. I've had a look online and can't see any saltwater pools. I'm in North West UK. Sea ... More »
Jeri - I race from the pool to the shower. Yikes, I can't let that chlorine dry on my skin.
Mishlyn - Hi Beth, I had a similar experience quite a few years ago. It was an hour for me to travel to get... More »
Jill - Beth- That sounds awful. I do not have any experience with this personally, but I hope that you... More »
Beth - Thanks all. Sid, thanks so much for your response. I've had 16 treatments so far. I've been using... More »
john,Hulk - hello beth, welcome to flaym,think you have only just scratched the surface by coming here :)
Jill - That is awesome!!! 😜
michael - Hello Beth. I broke out in red spots from the laughing.
Carisa - Me too, me too. Just found a scalp treatment of 2 drops lavender, 2 drops frankincense, 1-2 tsp c... More »
Beth - Thanks Carisa, will try that. I use cocois on my head but sun makes it really bad x
Sabrina - I can understand that! I made the mistake of dying my hair yup back to square one...oye!
Lucy - Yep, that was my struggle. Never missed an appointment, told them in advance I was going on holid... More »
MJ - Ask your doctor if you can buy one for home use. I was fortunate enough to purchase a light pane... More »
Beth - Hi MJ. I'm UK based so I can get phototherapy on the NHS. The home kits are around £400 and I'v... More »
Sabrina - I use to go tanning to help with the smaller spots but now that I am older it spreads like wild f... More »
Filipe - Hey Beth are u ok ?? Does the phototherapy works for you ??
Beth - Hi Philipe. It worked when I was younger and being in the sun definitely helps. Waiting to get ba... More »
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