Beverly @beverly24

New York, NY, United States

I am very much into nature and wildlife. I am also very humorous. I love to help people as much as I can. I have a heart of gold. I also love the beach and collecting shells.


Susan - Good for you Beverly. I'm dating too and have a very special man in my life. Good for you for f... More »
Sarah - So many people still think that don't they! I'm glad we're educating people by being out in the w... More »
Jimmy - Very much considering just finding someone who has psoriasis like me just to avoid all the explai... More »
john,Hulk - sorry, i must be scatty:) i looked at your post and thought it was normal butter you spread on yo... More »
Susan - Hey all. I just realized why we make soup when it get's cold and dry out. Kind of living in a s... More »
Beverly - Hello John! No not regular butter ha,, that funny! In the mall they have a store that sells body ... More »
Katerina - You have to be optimistic!I was covered with psoriasis about 90 percent fifteen years wi... More »
Beverly - Thats wonderful Kathrine that you are down to 5 percent now!!!
Kim - I wouldn't call it a curse Beverly. It's a medical condition like many others. I think if you thi... More »
Nan195 - Thanks Beverly for your advice 🤗
Sabrina - Trying to do the same but having the odd lapse LOL! My skin is looking better but I am also using... More »
Susan - Beverly I did this years ago... Best thing I ever did and, although it was a bit hard at the begi... More »
Sierra - I feel you pain at work it's always "What's that on your arm?"
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