Bren @bren2722

Yuma, AZ, United States

P since 1998! Excited to have found this group and hopeful to keep on fighting against P with all the support here ❤️


Susan - Blessings to you as well Bren!
Rosey - Hi, hope you're doing well?
Michelle - Hi Bren and to you too. Hope things are going well with you. :)
James - I’ve never heard of it before but great it’s working for you.
Rosey - Wow!! So glad that's worked for you , good one 👍
Bren - Yes! Wish I could post pics..but try it daily 2-3 times with Manuka Honey if you like sweet hot t... More »
Joseph - I've had psoriases for years now, but now it's much less because I think living in a sunny countr... More »
Gordon - U should get a hand held uvb lamp. 250 dollars. I had some ugly patches not anymore! I put up wit... More »
Alexandros - People are soooo rude. Manners should come naturaly just like common sense but obviously this cha... More »
Susan - Hi Bren. You have a super day too! Off to do some wedding stuff. LOL.
Sarah - Good to see you Bren!
Bren - Hello everyone by the way :) so rude of me lol
Rita - I have TMJ pain too Bren. Just came back from the dentist today and she strongly suggested a mout... More »
john,Hulk - Hello bren, sorry to hear about this, i hope it eventually goes away, sound very uncomfortable,
Sarah - Bren really hoping for some improvements for you. Have you tried seeking more opinions from your ... More »
Julie - Hope your feeling better soon x
Bren - Hi Sarah, they want to put me on biologics but I don’t want to :/ I want to try the lifestyle cha... More »
Bren - Thank you all for the input and inspiration! Love you guys :)
Chantal - Hi Bren, Best professional to diagnose you would be a rheumatologist
Chantal - It also causes extreme fatigue
Rose58 - Hope it all helps Bren. Glad the Arthritis was a no.
john,Hulk - glad you havnt got the joint disease bren,some good news :)
Susan - That's good news Bren. I walk alot and one of the things I used to struggle with was shin splint... More »
Bren - Thank you all :) Rose 58 private message me I didn’t get the name :)
Rose58 - New to site, trying to figure out messanging
Rose58 - Seems actual med names are not allowed in the stream
john,Hulk - hope so to bren, i diagnosed myself with athritis before the doctor confirmed it because i had ma... More »
Susan - Bren my diagnosis was years ago. I was injected with some sort of radioactice dye and then this ... More »
Angela72 - I went to see my GP and he dismissed the symptons, went back and now seeing a biomechanical surge... More »
Susan - Bren good thinking. Sugar in any form is like poison. I suggest, if you buy anything processed,... More »
Rains - Hope you feel better
john,Hulk - sorry to hear this bren,when the itch comes it hard i know been there in the past,hope things wil... More »
Julie - I use my it tub and make sure it is sterile beforehand. I got a uti afterward but maybe from hav... More »
Lorna Penner - Thanks Bren,,it was very helpful and my friend takes me to Costco to gas up and for other things ... More »
Lorna Penner - I think you should use tepid water (Warm?) wonder if you could add a little Epson salts--its ve... More »
Bren - I only have it on the top of my hand and those don’t hurt but my arms and legs are covered like 7... More »
Mishlyn - I will put my skin creams/salves in the fridge as well when My skin feels hot to touch. I find it... More »
Sarah - Great idea about fridging creams. I'll try this! When my plaques are hot I try to keep them out i... More »
Michael - I find the same thing with alcohol. One drink and the next day I pay the price.
john,Hulk - what do you drink michael if you dont mind me asking?, what type of alcaholic drink? thanks :)
Sarah - Ah Bren, it's hard when you try to let go of stricter diet and let loose for a bit, only to have ... More »
Deleted account - so Bren , what about around your ankle it all tight ? or is it supple.....the inside above... More »
Bren - Hey Will the ankle and heel I have no pain it’s just my second toe and the pain goes down like 3 ... More »
Deleted account - when all my toes were hard as rocks, i discovered by massaging above my ankle i got rid of it , t... More »
Will - Luckily for me most of mine is hidden either by hair or clothes. I only been asked once or twice ... More »
Bren - Yes it’s definitely better when they ask instead of starring lol... I think there’s way more peop... More »
Julie - Bren, covering up less will give it more brearhing room. Mine was better when I have up the hide... More »
john,Hulk - answer is then bren:) eat healthy,try be mellow as possible by relaxing ,try get rid of harmful... More »
Jack - That's an interesting question. My gut feeling is yes (no pun intended). I had a couple of issues... More »
Deleted account - My doctor told me higher risk of heart disease , higher blood pressure , over weight , pain , joi... More »
john,Hulk - hello bren, when i first got psoriatic arthritis 14 years ago the doc did send me to get xrays in... More »
Susan - Bren I walk ALOT. Years ago I would walk, get shin splints, have to rest for a week, walk, shin ... More »
hope - i developed psoriatic arthritis first in my big toe and that pain was as if someone injected acid... More »
Sarah - Oo no Bren that sounds sweltering weather, cake-melting weather! That's my birthday party stress ... More »
john,Hulk - hahabren too cold here aswell :( thanks ,it is nice in the summer and when its not too hot its ni... More »
Susan - Parties are fun Bren. I'm sure it's going to be a blast. 21 is a special birthday for sure. I,... More »
Susan - I love everyone here too. It's a fun place and I have embraced all that I learn here and am cont... More »
Mishlyn - It sure is amazing Bren! I hope have a good sleep! 💜
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