Bryan82 @bryan1690

Glasgow, United Kingdom


Sarah - Raaa ouch! The thought of that!
Bryan82 - Lol no it was like eating three cream crackers in one go without water ha
Chris - I would just take a girlfriend 😀
Bryan82 - Lol Chris nice one
john,Hulk - Theres plenty out there bryan, just got to try and catch one :)
john,Hulk - so true bryan, i always think like this when i am flaking and aching , it depends on how bad thin... More »
Mishlyn - Loving your positivity Bryan! I think finding it can be half of the battle some times. I had a ve... More »
Jean - I have tried menthol base cream mixed with CeraVe Moisturizing cream it helps with my itching, ... More »
john,Hulk - hello michelle, mainly veggies and sald with chicken seasoned with turmeric, i did have my turmer... More »
Sarah - I'm doing an elimination at the moment and I am surprised with what you can invent with the thing... More »
Susan - Hi Bryan. If you message me I can send you the elimination diet.
Bryan82 - Had it from a was 14 now just over 30 it's old enough to vote lol just going thro different treat... More »
Rita - Is the bath water hot? I find that hot water makes my p worse.
Bryan82 - Not roasting and pat the water on your skin in Bath with soft cloth and pat dry not too when out ... More »
Bryan82 - Michelle a was gonna say something else for got where a was xx
natascha - Awesome 😊I'll try it.
Bryan82 - Yeah give it a go trial and error xx
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