Catherine @bumblebee68

Manchester, UK

I've had psoriasis for about 15ys .it started on the palms of my hands . Since then it's spreading nicely over my body in patches ...I'm thinking about becoming a Dragon πŸ‰


Catherine - Thanks Michelle and Michelle ... I will try to see a GP . It's a nightmare to get an appointment ... More Β»
Sarah - Ahhh duvet day, sounds absolutely amazing! So sad about the PA pain though. A duvet day is no fun... More Β»
Catherine - Oh bad news about black pepper Sarah ..I love the stuff πŸ˜• well and Banana ... feeling better tod... More Β»
Clint - Keep using lemon πŸ‹
Mimi - How are y'all using the lemon?
bernadette - I get purple scars when gone I was told to moisturize to get rid of them some stay
Michelle - You are right Cath. It's not about getting a tan. What I meant about the nice even tan is when th... More Β»
Susan - Catherine even when I had patches I didn't use anything but a bit of sunscreen on my face. I let... More Β»
john,Hulk - Aloe vera gel is great after the sun :)
Michelle - Give it time Catherine. Remember your legs need fresh air too. Wear a long skirt with no socks or... More Β»
john,Hulk - its up and down in the uk, was nice and breezy yesterday with sun, perfect for working in few day... More Β»
Susan - In Canada we have all season's very clearly defined. Fortunately sun in all the season's. I pre... More Β»
natalie - Good for you Catherine..😚
Mishlyn - Well done Catherine! Great to hear you are noticing a difference!
Susan - Good for you Catherine. For most of us the sun is a huge blessing. Not just the skin either. V... More Β»
Madmum007 - little & often for me, inside then out, repeat, repeat, repeat !!!
Ats - Sun is so good for us but few minutes to start with & then increase gradually
Mishlyn - I am the same as Rita :) Sun worshipper and also do not use sunscreen because of the harsh chemic... More Β»
Madmum007 - BRAVO, keep it up, but not for too long don't get burnt :)
Sarah - That is amazing Catherine, love that confidence! It's your garden, you get out whatever bits you ... More Β»
Mishlyn - So Great Catherine! I bet you and your skin will just Love it! :)
Sarah - Ah wow that is interesting that you've noticed a big difference! All we can do is try πŸ˜„
Jenny - I started taking Kefir in February and although I have seen no improvement to my psoriasis I do f... More Β»
Catherine - I've noticed a huge change taking kefir.. along with diet changes . I also haven't noticed any ch... More Β»
john,Hulk - Ah good Catherine, i do have the odd burger now and again, i still like them but homemade from a ... More Β»
Catherine - I think it's the gluten in the base that I react to .even though I stick to a thin base becaus... More Β»
Sarah - Have you been tested for coeliac Catherine?
Ken - only the one haha
Catherine - That was exactly how I felt last night ..well I'm itchy anyway ..may as well have a beer .or 4 😁... More »
leanne78 - It’s sunny here and we know sun and beer combination is a must πŸ˜‚Enjoy love xx
Sarah - My little fingernail on my right hand is like that, has been for quite a few months now. I have h... More Β»
agb - @John- I did not realize it was a sign of inflammation of my psoriatic arthritis.
Susan - I do remember this Catherine. I also remember the nail bed having very little attachment and the... More Β»
Sarah - I can't wait for a teensy bit of sunshine too!
Michelle - Enjoy the sun Catherine! One always feel healthy when you got a bit of sun. :)
Michelle - I don't want to say anything because it will sound like I'm bragging about the SA sun. lol. I hop... More Β»
Catherine - Good luck Sarah !! i know lots of people who can't take cows milk my daughter being one ... I d... More Β»
Mishlyn - Best of Luck with dairy Sarah!! πŸ’œ
Sarah - Thank you girls! The cocoa was a no no. Flare up. So got to try it again later down the road... s... More Β»
James - It hadn't occured to me before, but I now know why my Child's Farm moisturiser doesn't smell of c... More Β»
Catherine - This one said for sensitive skin a pump thingy ( that doesn't work) this shelves in boots w... More Β»
James - I just checked, mine is in a pumpy bottle too, and for sensitive skin. I saw no mention of anythi... More Β»
Sarah - Catherine have you ever tried Becks Blue? It's a non alcoholic beer that tastes pretty OK! I used... More Β»
Catherine - Yeah I've had it ... not overly keen . I'm aiming to not drink as much maybe find a wine for my ... More Β»
Sarah - Oo why do you need to stay off rice whilst on kefir out of interest?
Mishlyn - I have a copy of Susans cleanse/elimination Catherine, I can forward to you if you pm me your ema... More Β»
Mishlyn - Good Luck Catherine! I hope it works well for you πŸ˜€ Enjoy your baths with the salts! Let us know ... More Β»
Catherine - Ah yes .. I think I've had the same .. cocout and that smelly brown stuff .... I've stopped using... More Β»
Mishlyn - Thanks for sharing what oils you use Catherine, Will have to look into the rosemary πŸ˜ƒ
Heather - Vera, i have used Vick vapour rub on my hands and worn plstic gloves over night. I did this for l... More Β»
Mishlyn - Good for you Catherine! It can be intimidating at first. Slow and steady is a good aproach as wel... More Β»
Sarah - Amazing courage to start something new. Good for you, giving it a whirl! If you need anything any... More Β»
Catherine - Thanks Susan .. if I feel I'm getting worse I will cut out more things . I'm keeping a food dairy... More Β»
Catherine - I'm determined to heal myself diet no picking and natural products to use on my skin . So t... More Β»
Mishlyn - Good for you Catherine! It is a challange, that is for sure, but so helpful in the long run. Not ... More Β»
Sarah - Wow wow wow Catherine, that is ace! So proud of you! That's my girl!
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