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How do you do? 😊


Michelle - Hi Cazza. Insecurity is an inner feeling of being threatened or inadequate in some way. We all ha... More »
Cazza - Thank you everyone for showing me that I’m not alone as I though I was. Sorry it took me so long ... More »
Michelle - Fantastic news Cazza. Remember, we are all here for you. Don't hesitate to talk to us. We have al... More »
Sarah - Hope you're feeling better soon!
Cazza - I wish, I now have a really bad cold and a sore throat and my asthma getting bad again 🤣. Having ... More »
Susan - Yes Michelle the Moringa is truly a mood stabilizer as well as the best supplement ever, in my op... More »
john,Hulk - yes, i know what thats like susan when i was living with someone who had PTSD very severe,luckil... More »
Cazza - Thank you to all! It’s really good to know that I am not alone going through this rough time and ... More »
Cazza - Thank you for all the advice and I do yoga but today my knees were killing me and I was strugglin... More »
Bryan82 - Diet and creams Caroline xx
Geri - My knees and other parts always hurt more in the winter. I always walk but for you do some walkin... More »
Cazza - No way?! Yeah I'll admit it's not the greatest place. But Hawaii?! Man I'm jealous.
steve - I think homemade kombucha with pineapple, ginger, and turmeric cured me. It might cure you too. ... More »
Deleted account - Caroline , yes I was at Lakenheath helping defend the threat of the Russians, now one is in the W... More »
Ell - Sun is one of the best things you can do! At least to just calm the flare, drink plenty of water ... More »
Lee - I agree with Angelina and Ell. The sun in moderation has a positive impact on my skin and it feel... More »
Jennifer - I use unscented moisturizing body bar and psoriasian works well for me, just can't get it too nea... More »
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