Carolyn @carolyn953

Philadelphia, PA, USA


Carolyn - polycythemia is a blood cancer where your body makes too many red blood cells, etc. It's picked ... More »
Rosey - There's so many conditions people can get,am sorry you have this but it is treatable yes?
Rosey - I mean it won't shorten your life? I think all severe p suffers have other conditions ,mines a he... More »
Honey - From what I know, you should not use it if you're breastfeeding and if you're not and you think y... More »
Carolyn - Thanks for the information, this week I am trying Calendula cream- thin coating followed by Tripl... More »
Stacy - Hi I have the same and I've been using child's farm and it's done wonders but last week I had a b... More »
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