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Im an ex mechanical engineer turned Health professional - a body engineer now if you like! See my website for more details. I help many people with medically undiagonsable conditions because we think outside the box. Treat root cause - not symptom


Susan - Ok, mine leans left whether it’s lifted or not. Weird!
chris - okay - self help technique to aid balance of the central nervous system even if your uvula does n... More »
Lynn - Mine goes towards the right, but if looking at it it goes left.
chris - John/Janice - they have done studies with people with dementia, and natural water with a high con... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - hello chris, yes that makes sense.i know washing with hard water is bad for the skin.i worked and... More »
chris - yes John - our body is mostly made up of water so all makes sense!
chris - Hi Lorna - have you had this info already from John? if not, please send me your email address an... More »
Helen - Chris can you send me the list please?x
chris - Hi Helen - just whizz me your email address and will forward you all the info you need. take car... More »
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