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Reggie - I absolutely think vitamin D plays a part in psoriasis! Just make sure you get your vitamin D fr... More »
leemarie - I actually read a study that showed a link between vitamin D deficiency and psoriasis. I have add... More »
Maggie - Thank you for your info regarding vitamin D. I see my dr. in 2 weeks i'll ask her about it.
Alina - shea butter / coconut oil
Rand - Hello! I actually have a lot of psorias on my scalp and inside my ears and I've gotten it lately ... More »
Chelsea - I usually use the steroid treatment to calm it down and then try and moisturise regularly to keep... More »
Nawaal - I have psoriasis in on my scalp and it makes a line on my forehead some times it looks like I don... More »
witnessy - I like long hair to,but indeed short hair is easier to manage!
BILL - try pert plus
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