Cheryl @cher88

Sasolburg, Free State, South Africa

Psoriasis is just a way to tell people how perfect you are, the outside is just the perfection overflowing.


Mishlyn - Cheers to that Cheryl!! Just wonderful!! Very Happy to hear that :)
Susan - I hope it helps for you Cheryl.
Julia - What is your secret???
Stephen - Good on you, as my wife keeps saying to me, let them stare, It's what's inside that counts.
Cheryl - I like my isolation too sometimes, i usually get a month on end, my husband works overseas, so he... More »
Chris - I find music and reading very relaxing , always have but more so now
Deleted account - Flake Free😅 Guy
Deleted account - You gotta have fun with this crap.. No matter how much it brings us all down.
john,Hulk - i used to always say, i am going to put on my make up,whattt? i i used to moisturise more than th... More »
Deleted account - @chris70 never shy away from a good thing brother.. There are women out there looking for awesom... More »
Susan - Cheryl the great thing about Flaym is that you find out you are not alone. We are all here to he... More »
Deleted account - Susan is right
Susan - Cheryl I LOVE the sun. For me it always helped my psoriasis. Always! I do know one lady here wh... More »
Tracy - My doctor told me that there are about 1% of people who suffer from psoriasis who do not benefit ... More »
Susan - Tracy sorry to hear that. I guess you will have to go the diet and lifestyle change. Lots of ti... More »
Cheryl - Hey Mish, so very true, my mom used to tell me when I was younger not to stare or talk about peop... More »
Mishlyn - I'm sorry to hear that Cheryl :( Were you unable to walk and use your hands due to P, if you don'... More »
Susan - Cheryl that is not good. Kind of think this person might not have an etiquette filter. You, my ... More »
Sarah - Not me Cheryl but others may have...have you tried searching historical posts using the search fu... More »
Cheryl - Not yet Sarah,will do a search and report what i find
Cheryl - No results on the search except for this post
Christopher - Embrace the ginge! I'm sure it's a trend in levels of hotness these days!
Mishlyn - Hi Cheryl, have you ever looked into hair dyes that have a more natural base?
Cheryl - Thanks Chris. Hi Mish yes I have tried more natural ways but with no success
Cheryl - Schools in south africa Kim
Kim - That’s really awful. There is such ignorance in the world towards those of us that are different.... More »
Cheryl - I just remind myself that I'm part of this to educate people who aren't aware of "P"
Mishlyn - Hi Cheryl, I have experienced the same thing over the years, finding something great then it stop... More »
Cheryl - Hi MishLyn, I have tries all sorts of diets,been to tons of dieticians and even tried a few on my... More »
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