Cherie @cherie2

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

I am a grandma of two beautiful grandchildren. I sew for children in need everyday to forget about the pain of the various conditions I have. I am retired and live with my husband. I enjoy going out for coffee with family and friends.


Geraldine - Ha ha good one James! Well I would be doing well Although I do feel I've been here before at ... More »
Geraldine - Back at ya Jen Threw on my togs and backed a couple of beers and wore my Aussie singlet to the ... More »
Jen - Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi. Good on ya Geraldine that sounds like the go. Do you go by your... More »
Roxanne - Oh that sounds wonderful.
Mishlyn - It sounds wonderful indeed!! Enjoy Cherie :)
Cheryl - Here in UK it’s 1 degree and snow is forecast 😏. Love snow but we rarely get beautiful thick whit... More »
Sarah - That sounds great Cherie! I'm on a coffee / tea / oats / seeds elimination amongst many other thi... More »
Sarah - John, yum I'm making a spiced lentil dhal today as part if Susan's cleanse. I started phase three... More »
Mishlyn - Thanks Cherie, very beautiful indeed :) I love guided meditations as well. Agree whole heartedly,... More »
Cherryl - Lovely Cherie, I do this when I go for a nice walk, taking in the air, sky, birds, trees etc etc.... More »
Barbara - Great Cherie it sounds wonderful
Susan - Cherie thanks for that. Water is healing. Just the sound alone. This is the part of psoriasis ... More »
Barbara - I like just sitting and being silent that helps me
Barbara - I will try this on the weekend
Barbara - Right now the closest I can get to a beach is the shower. But it being cold and snowy I like walk... More »
Cherie - Barbara it is not cold enough in ADELAIDE to have snow. We have mild winters and very hot summe... More »
Barbara - I try to hibernate during the winter. We have had way below zero temps already
Susan - Cherie that's beautiful. I used to feel like this as a young kid. A true tom boy. Then life to... More »
Edvin - Dont worry
Susan - Edvin I'm not a worrier, but for those that are and stress about things, it is a tough go. I alw... More »
Susan - Cherie I love my morning smoothie as well. I don't really need to do the diet anymore, because I... More »
RedSpotEliminator - Try adding kale/kiwis/avocados and other foods that boost your immune system to your smoothie. H... More »
Cherie - Thanks for that advice. 🌺
Sarah - Me too with the broccoli, RedSpot!
Sarah - Cherie, that sounds absolutely delicious! Please do keep posting inspirational recipes!
Pauline - Yes Cherie I have pretty much all, except touchwood have not got it on scalp, but it is still ann... More »
Cherie - Thanks everyone for your responses. 🌺
Jen - Pauline can you please tell us which oils you use? Thank you.
Sarah - Great Cherie! If you see any you use and like particularly for p healing, let us know!
Cherie - I will not start the special diet yet because I am not 100%. I have been a fan of dairy all my l... More »
Pat - I have used rice or almond milk for more than 20 years, so I don't think about recipes too much a... More »
Sarah - Me too rice milk for the first time this morning! It was actually preferable for me than almond o... More »
Cherie - OTTO I do know what they gave me but I can't write it on here. I had intravenous antibiotics for... More »
Deleted account - Depends when It was. They did give my grandson [...], but it was in this electronic delivery syst... More »
Cherie - It was 10 years ago OTTO. 🌺
john,Hulk - indeed, thats nice cherie:)
Sarah - Hi Cherie, I completely agree. Education starts when young! Then it gets normalised. We can all d... More »
Sarah - Not specifically, Jen, although I have been to a couple of spas that have had salt rooms.
Ajibiyay - I do swim 3 days a week before I get to the pool I put lotion on my whole body so far that works ... More »
BBw71 - My daughter swims 4/5 times a week with her p. She does the same puts cream on before which helps... More »
Sarah - Lourayne, that sounds nice. What do you like for breakfast the other 5 days out of interest? Like... More »
Nell - Wow i have a long way to go trying to learn as much as possible never really thought about diet o... More »
Ava - Cherie, I enjoy buckwheat pancakes with sweet potato, blended into the batter. (Buckwheat isn't a... More »
Pauline - Yes I do very annoying,
Sarah - Yes absolutely, but in a good way! Higher humidity and higher temperatures seem to be good for my... More »
Pat - I don't find that weather irritates my PA too much. I might feel more of a twinge when there's a ... More »
Cherie - John I enjoy gardening and growing succulents because we live very close to the ocean. I also se... More »
Pat - hi cherrie, i have hobbies that give me pleasure, so i tend to ignore the fact that something may... More »
Cherie - Pat I find that I can forget about my issues when I am busy sewing. I also have fibromyalgia and... More »
Sarah - Yep I do find that the weather makes a massive difference to the state of my p. The sun is awesom... More »
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