Cheryl @cheryl92169

Herne Bay, United Kingdom

Psoriasis sufferers since the age of 6. Rarely let it get me down but always seeking new ways to eliminate it.


Sarah - Sad that you almost cancelled because of your skin, but so glad you didn't! So important. Good fo... More »
Mishlyn - Well Done Cheryl! Not an easy thing to do, but you did it!! I really feel letting go of fear and ... More »
Cheryl - Thank you - I hope others will gain the same strength through this support group too.
Cheryl - It’s called ‘psoriasis - total disease elimination plan’ by Mark Norman. Some of it is too extrem... More »
Mishlyn - Thanks Cheryl! I think that it is best to pick bits out that feel good to you 😊 We are all so dif... More »
Judi - I take it as a liquid extract...put it in my green drink every dropper full...
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