Vandit @chessperado

San Jose, CA, United States

Having struggled with Psoriasis for 10+ years, I am trying "hard" to accept my skin condition but will never stop trying to find a cure. Till then, let's enjoy tennis, running, chess, food and designing computer chips.


Sarah - Hey Vandit, I run too and I sometimes wonder this but so far I've only ever pulled my knee and no... More »
Gail - When I was first diagnosed the pain was in my wrist and hand. I have had two surgeries to remove... More »
Ania - It feels like burning pain
Susan - Vandit I took a probiotic that a friend recommended. Can't remember the name. I was doing the d... More »
Gideon - I'm from the Philippines, My Doctor gave me that. It has a live good bacteria to regenerate healt... More »
Sarah - I had my gut microbiome mapped a year or so ago as I participated in the American Gut Survey (tho... More »
Kim - Hi Vandit. I hope you can make it work.
Vandit - Thanks Kim. I am surely planning to start something. Let's see how many people on this platform o... More »
Susan - Vandit I would absolutely do that. I'm not really cautious about people and meeting them. Howev... More »
Vandit - Susan, apparently it is very famous among Russians, they come to Soap Lake every year during summ... More »
Sarah - Enjoy Vandit! Have a great break
Susan - Vandit I am going to check it out one day. Maybe next summer. Not sure if you knew I was Russia... More »
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