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i am darts vader, this is my performance for ch 4 tv at world darts:) . like socialising making stuff and i am a maintenance operative in my job, i am a plumber by trade.i have had psoriasis all my life since birth and psoriatic arthritis 14 years


john - thank you vanessa, hugs to you too :)
Mary - Is back pain from p
Mary - Do you work
john - yes me too, it just wouldn't let me go through it after half an hour and going through explora an... More »
john - lasse has got back to me ,thank you lasse and he had resolved the hiccup, thank you lasse :)
Kim - I keep getting whoops, it's us not you on my notifications. Seems ok tonight though.
Mickg48 - Hi John I can sympathize with your back pain 2 wks and 3 visits to the osteopath and she has basi... More »
Janice - Look after that back John, try to have some relaxing time.
john - thank you Janice and mick,i am in pain now, work is bad for me haha,the girlfriend wanted me to t... More »
Mariebar - Hi John yes my comment on your other post was for you . I know the hairdressing issue is a proble... More »
john - I see, its a way to travel for a haircut but, I can understand that,,all hairdressers should kno... More »
Cheryl - The last lady who cut my hair was fantastic.. even in saying that .. I need another cut but I'm ... More »
john - skin can get itchy through the healing process,when its clearing . I have experienced this enough... More »
Cindy - Thankyou john, 75% clear for me is a miracle I have skin in places I never knew existed before l... More »
Mary - I have no life to change. Except carbs maybe
Susan - Thanks John. I'm going to look into a filter for my tap in the kitchen. I only have an apartmen... More »
john - I know the filtered water tastes a lot better susan,i can say all harmful content is removed and ... More »
john - the ph level in the uk tap water well in the south is pretty poor with chemicals and such in it .... More »
john - you want a lifestyle change plan mick? haha :)
Aitch - Well done man! I've list a stone and a half since reducing the carbs and the beer ( though the b... More »
john - that's good aitch :)I am pleased for you that you made some changes ,some changes are better th... More »
Mickg48 - I had mine cut on the weekend they are ok if you tell them you have it rather than they guess but... More »
john - hello mick, my hairdresser does know about my psoriasis, its ok, I have always told them,just in... More »
Karan - Coconut +apple cider vinegar and check out homeopathy mother tinctures drops on know your potency... More »
john - thank you Julie, my face is getting better,what ever that means haha, ordered some new work trous... More »
Mariebar - I think you clearly know what you are doing and if I may say so you are somewhat of a torch carri... More »
john - ah, if that's a comment to me mariebar, thank you .I took on board a lot that was said here arou... More »
Kim - With regards to my Psoriasis treatments I have been treated with resignation. No one has ever bee... More »
john - hello mike,you and me both with gps and around 32 years ago experiences with other health people,... More »
Angie - Yes I have! My gp is great. It took her a bit to figure out what was going on with me but once sh... More »
Mickg48 - Cut out the onions and the cabbage family although garlic is a great anti -inflammatory.
Mickg48 - John my face is almost back to normal meaning the redness has gone it took about 3-4 weeks almost... More »
john - thanks mick, i dont do dairy at all or spreads,yes cabbage and onions are the worst for it i kno... More »
Dave - Neither does soap in bar form...dries the skin even more.
john - yes, I have been told about soaps being not good years ago dave, I thought about it yesterday and... More »
john - no real response on this one and its a cheap way to keep the scales at bay from your body and fro... More »
john - yes, i have had lumps in the armpit,not nice :(
Janice - Pustule psoriasis tends to be only on the soles of feet and palms of hands and the pustules itch ... More »
john - thankyou cheryl, it was great,could had been better with weather,nice to see people old and new ,... More »
Vanessa - I have dealt with my hands for years, breaking out, itching like mad! I have found just about eve... More »
Vanessa - I am interested in your lifestyle change and how to go about it?
john - haha cindy, its gonna be a lot of boozing for sure,will be drinking most of the time as everyone ... More »
john - it will be , hydrate sip water ,de hydrate sip beer through out the time , i am doing both at the... More »
Mickg48 - During my drought I was drinking water and the more I drank the more thirsty I got the more I drank.
john - yes oz, I agree , gotta have some life . all in moderation :)
Jan - Just made a tray of vodka jelly shots, I get lots of invites to parties down to these babies, jus... More »
Mickg48 - Jan you sound like a party animal I must admit I have had them but never made jelly shots have to... More »
john - thanks ,what ever that means susan if its good ?which i think so?then you are too :)
john - good night, time for bed ,good night all :)
Susan - John I meant you make me chuckle... Again... What's new... LOL
john - paul@crick,i knew you would like that one :)
Dave - Vim and a scouring pad John?
wendy - there is product on the market that covers scars,tattoos,maybe it will cover up our disease too,... More »
Jamie - Susan what else did you do alongside take moringa? It's great to hear such a positive story
Susan - Jamie I took myself off sugar. Kind of a diabetic lifestyle. I eat a shake with a banana and pr... More »
Susan - Aww... Thanks John. Never intended that. You are right though... You have to want it and I trul... More »
Susan - Pat good for you. Suggestion... change the word diet to lifestyle change. That way it's more su... More »
Janice - Poor John, I know how you feel. I don't get psoriasis on my face but 3 years ago I had eczema al... More »
john - thank you Janice,i am trying not to focus on it and hope it will go,yes,its a nightmare,feel for... More »
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