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Salisbury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

just a quick snap of my side, you can see the scarring still its good . like socialising making stuff and i am a maintenance operative in my job, i am a plumber by trade.i have had psoriasis all my life since birth and psoriatic arthritis 14 year

James - Just spoke to friend, apparently there is organic meats, slaughtered on the farm and straight to... More »
john - you are pretty much the same as me james only thing, i eat a lot of mackarel, i was taste it like... More »
Jacqueline - Cook bacon in a pan of water until the fat is rendered (I trim before cooking) and the water has ... More »
john - sorry injectables, cant spell for toffee though, i dont want that :)
Lucy - 5 months! I reckon I can handle it. We’ve all got this. We’ll all get through it with each other’... More »
john - holdon tight then lucy,geeze,i dont know if i cope with the cold for 5 months ,seem to manage tho... More »
john - haha, yes susan, i didnt have all the niceties as a child susan, pretty bad which affected my lea... More »
Will - Im doing good John. I think i actually feel better not downing a 2 liter of Pepsi every day. I c... More »
john - thats brilliant will,works better by weening off stuff i know, sugar i didnt though i went cold t... More »
john - update on steriod withdrawl flaky face today, i would look great in a zombie movie :) my dark b... More »
Ione - John sempre quiser desabafar eu estou pronta para te ouvir r vou procurar me atualizar mais sobre... More »
Ione - Vai dar tudo certo! Nunca se envergonhe da sua psoríase pois se você fizer isto as pessoas vão se... More »
Lorna Penner - My friend used that one time--the tar lotion and she had to lay in the sun in the nude--shes did ... More »
Janice - I do so admire you John, you have such determination and I am so pleased that all your hard work ... More »
Lorna Penner - I always loved my coffee but now I drink hot water with a lemon slice and a bit of honey several... More »
john - your welcome paul glad to help, yes do it gradually is the best way, :)
Nan195 - John's Diet with Supplements is tops... Thanks John and I hope you are feeling much better now ❤️🌹
john - thanks nan,we got to keep the immune system in order havnt we :)
john - i know doctors love handing out steriods as they know they help but, dont tell you about long te... More »
Jacqueline - Poor John 😕
john - thank you jacqueline, i will get through it thanks :)
Gina - Feel better John
Lucy - Feel better soon john. Sending positive vibes to you. We will let you off for smelling. Just this... More »
john - thank you mishlyn,charmaine,gina and lucy and all,lucy wasnt nice not washing for 2 days luckily,... More »
Buhle - You're welcome 😊 I'm happy if you're happy brother:)
Sarah - Been thinking of you, John!
Tim - I'm always amazed when medical professionals ask me about my psoriasis. So many in the dark abou... More »
john - thank you nan and james, be good to see things improve now i am in hiding like a lepar thank you :)
jacqui - Hi John@chewbacca, love "chewbacca.). would you mind or want to maybe have a chat sometime. y... More »
john - ah thank you jacqui, thats so kind of you to say that,that so sweet of you :)i am sure you are a ... More »
john - thank you andie, i feel battered but, ok thank you :X)
Dave - Glad you are back with us and on the mend John 👍👍
john - thank you very much dave,yes,i hope things better fast, quite sore and painful to walk but,could ... More »
john - you are most welcome, have a good time at home :) thank you :)
Nan195 - Hi Maria, all the best and travel safely home. See you next year and hope you will be better 🌹
john - thank you jayne, sorry just seen your comment, operation went very well thank you ,just a bit sor... More »
Gina - Yeah mine showed up later
Barbara - i was told i had psoriasis at 14. psoriatic arthritis at 16.
colleen - I have both as well. Battle to get up in the mornings.
Deleted account - I found out at five years old and I'm 32 ! I will be 33 next month!
Mara - I got it at the age of 29 after a big stress i passed. It was not a surprise though coz my brothe... More »
Carrie - Hello! My psoriasis appeared on my scalp first after my youngest was born and I thought it was da... More »
Janice - I will be thinking of you next week John, it will be fine and you will wonder why you got so anxi... More »
john - thank you janice, i know its irrational , i am dealing with it and look at the positives in a fe... More »
Aitch - Make sure you take the painkillers regularly to keep it in your system, don't just take them whe... More »
john - no problem,youe welcome kim,i hope you will be good with that, i seem fine with it and i love me... More »
john - your welcome,wish you could edit here ah well, everyone understands me, i think ?
Kim - Ha ha John! It does frustrate me that we can’t edit! Some of my posts have been atrocious as I ... More »
Mike - I hate bottled water....
Janice - Hi John, you work in a Nursing Home and not residential so I would assume this resident has real ... More »
john - hello janice, she does put cream on it herself which she says is a good cream for her, cant remem... More »
john - roxanne, if you look on marks page,he is new here , i have left a big list there that are good an... More »
john - hello roxanne, its on mark@mark179 his page thank you,
john - sorry mark@mark719 , just checked it again , this is correct, he has just joined, gotta wear me ... More »
Joel - Best to eliminate all common allergens on a biweekly basis. Then reintroduce them while journalin... More »
john - yes of course, i justcut everything out and thats it, i have some moments now and aginbut, i am o... More »
sandy - in my opinion, its the steak
Brenda/joy - I take Vitamin D supplements daily
Roy - Awesome John, Glad you had a good day 👍
john - thank you roy,it was perfect day,a good day for a releaseto eat rubbish and drink rubbish which i... More »
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