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Salisbury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

MY FLAKES ARE ILLOGICAL CAPTAIN :), I am a maintenance operative in my job, i am a plumber by trade.I have had psoriasis all my life since birth 49yrs, psoriatic arthritis 15 years.


john,Flakes to beam up - So true Jen,I have never had a problem in the past, i say it all the time, i get my haircut this ... More »
john,Flakes to beam up - Yes ,James is right though, i know you said your postal service is dodgy in South Africa and you ... More »
Lindakay1948 - I am ordering this today thank you..although I use coconut oil and that is helping thank you
Michelle - No Peter. I wasn't called Flakey. I was called a reptile but I did not let that get to me. People... More »
Flakez - I was called banana(coz I peel) by some Idiot. But it dnt let it get to me. Now I show my scars, ... More »
john,Flakes to beam up - Good for you Flakez, some might get offended by your title name ? I am not, Good for you :) :)
Michelle - Hi John. I just try not to eat all the crappy stuff and I drink my turmeric as well. Not every da... More »
john,Flakes to beam up - Thanks all, thanks Michelle,yes turmeric is great,anti inflammatory curry for me tonight, I been... More »
Bev - Yip we going to do the elimination diet again once Spring arrives. We have also been cheating a b... More »
rachel - Thank you all, there's some really wise words here.
john,Flakes to beam up - Hello Jane, good see you back, hows things ? :)
Michelle - Couldn't agree more Rachel :)
Jennifer - Definitely worse w age.
Deleted account - mine has eased I must say from been a 17 year old who played hurling , to a recluse , covered 70p... More »
john,Flakes to beam up - You sound very positive C, that does help for sure, yes i drink beer now and again,makes no diff... More »
john,Flakes to beam up - Thank you Michelle :) thank you Sue and for giving me a laugh ,you are doing well here :), and ... More »
Rosey - Haha Lindakay,beam me up anytime,always up for new experiences.
john,Flakes to beam up - haha,as long as you leave the flakes in the transporter Sue, dont want to beam those with you :)
Michelle - When I was a child, I wanted to be a musketeer (was a bad ass tomboy at the time) I had the sword... More »
Clint - Sir flakesalot
Susanne - That’s really funny John🙂
Michelle - Same here psomom especially when I do it from my phone but not always. :)
psomom - I had included a link I wanted to share...I am guessing now maybe that is a no no so my message w... More »
Michelle - We are not allowed to post links on here but you can send it in a pvt message Psomom. :)
john,Flakes to beam up - Have a good day Jannie,enjoy the fish and chips too :)
Michelle - Sounds lekker Jannie. Have a great time in the sun and enjoy the fish and chips :)
Jannie - The sand was lovely the sea salty and soothing the sun was soooo hot....the kids were b*****s. T... More »
Michelle - Sounds great John and happy you enjoyed it. Walking around without a shirt shows your confidence ... More »
john,Flakes to beam up - Thank you Michelle :),I think its because of here at Flaym that made me draw up the courage,Kim s... More »
Michelle - And Kim is right John. Why should we cover up. I wear shorts and mini dresses in summer and don't... More »
john,Flakes to beam up - Thank you Glenn, glad you joined us cheers :)
Jill - Love this site...really helps to connect with fellow ps warriors..⚘
Jane - I've said it before and I'll say it again. This is a wonderful support group that I've learned fr... More »
Sarah - The itch is a bitch John, it is the worst aspect for me of having psoriasis. So distracting... pr... More »
john,Flakes to beam up - Thats a bummer isnt it Sarah, thats why i feel for so many with this, i havnt itched you know on ... More »
Michelle - I know how the itching feels. When I used to work for a newspaper group in South Africa, I was co... More »
Jannie - I've just bought tea with Tumeric in . It's quite lovely. If you mix tumeric into a paste and app... More »
Michelle - Hi Jannie. I have done the turmeric paste and it definitely helped for my Psoriasis. I can recomm... More »
Jannie - Beware of fake vitamins always buy a reputable brand like solgar or forever living especially if ... More »
john,Flakes to beam up - Hello Sarah,no, its okay,looking at my stubborn portal patch, its faded a lot,looks very light pi... More »
john,Flakes to beam up - I am glad for you Michelle blondie, you dont have to deal with excessive hair everywhere, well le... More »
Michelle - True John. I don't have much to pluck there anyway. I can just draw it on and decide what mood I'... More »
Rosey - Mine was painful for about 8 weeks,differant diagnosis,xray done,but it's like it never happened ... More »
Kim - Have a look everyone at other meds you are on before buying vitamins. I take 5 vitamins a day and... More »
Bev - Me too Kim
Michelle - Ooooh Doc Brown. See, I have the goldfish syndrome. 😨 I used to love him. He was so eccentric an... More »
john,Flakes to beam up - No he did live but in the past in 1885 as he was left there, if thats what you mean Michelle , t... More »
john,Flakes to beam up - Thank you Alberto , Nice to see you here looking in :)
Psoriatic4good - Thank You John! Today there is no other news on every broadcaster in state that doesn't cover ... More »
john,Flakes to beam up - Its great, Your welcome P4G enjoy i say :)
Bev - Oh that is wonderful. It gives me goosebumps.
Kim - Glad to hear you are ok John. You have my email address, please let me know how you are getting... More »
john,Flakes to beam up - I will, thank you Kim :)
Sarah - I am sure it makes a difference to my skin John, I would be a shrivelled prune without my 3 litres!
john,Flakes to beam up - Haha too cold up there James compared to down here :)
Sarah - My hobbies are food and cooking, indoor cycling ("spinning"), reading and vegetable gardening! An... More »
john,Flakes to beam up - Sounds good Sarah, enough there to keep you busy :)
john,Flakes to beam up - I been trying to do that thanks Michelle , staying out of the sun as much as i can , my arms an... More »
Michelle - I'm sure it will John.
john,Flakes to beam up - Thank you Michelle , I go camping in 9 days time, well 8 days and around 12 hours :) so it shou... More »
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