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Salisbury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

DONT MAKE ME ANGRY, YOU WONT LIKE ME WHEN I AM ANGY, I TURN VERY FLAKEY I am a maintenance operative in my job, i am a plumber by trade.I have had psoriasis all my life since birth 50 yrs, psoriatic arthritis 16 years.


john,Hulk - Haha. well they can count Michelle:) I know what you mean :)
Sarah - I have never met up yet with anyone from Flaym. I did set up a meetup as a host at Clean Cut Kitc... More »
john,Hulk - I was surprised how many people are near me Sarah when i looked up with meet others ,Theres a l... More »
john,Hulk - Its great fun Michelle, yes the ladies get too drunk, more drunk than me and i do get drunk,i ha... More »
Michelle - Lol. Well enjoy John. Fun is always good for a person and to have a great laugh makes the fun so ... More »
john,Hulk - Thanks Michelle, :)
john,Hulk - Ah thank you Michelle, you are too :) i am glad we can help each other through the flakey times t... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Alberto, you can come out if you like to say hello :)
Michelle - Yeah, I saw him earlier. He was on speed so we could not catch him, but wait...he is going to lea... More »
john,Hulk - Well , i am not a one for any knowledge Michelle on what bush i trim, i do gardening jobs but as... More »
Michelle - Lol John. Ok then we cant help you, but we all would suggest you buy gloves as we dont want your ... More »
john,Hulk - Thank you Michelle, i will invest in a pair when i go shopping thank you :)
john,Hulk - Sorry about this Michelle
Michelle - No Im not John. I get to talk to our Flaymers lol
john,Hulk - Great michelle, what are you having or had on your barbie q? i love barbie qs :)
john,Hulk - Thank you Sarah,yes i just got to watch i dont get too much of the habit to often, I have fallen ... More »
Michelle - Well so far everything is well with you John and it is 3 days ago. It is wonderful how you can sw... More »
john,Hulk - You could be right though i do slack a bit at times on water,i dont do water first thing in the m... More »
john,Hulk - Great, this is the best place to get help june, i came here a year and a half ago, i am looked at... More »
June - Thank you John looking forward to learning more ways to control my lifestyle.
john,Hulk - Your welcome June, :)
IDA - I had a craving for shrimp am feeling joint pains today will put some cream and start some stretc... More »
Michelle - You will be in good shape IDA. Keep that positivity and have a great day!
IDA - Thanks Michelle.
Michelle - My weekend was great, no wine of Friday/ saturday but had 2 glasses today to antiox lol.
john,Hulk - Haha , you making up for it Michelle the 2 day detox ?
Michelle - Lol Nooooo John, I had an excuse actually. My daughter made an oxtail dish and one has to have re... More »
john,Hulk - Thats great deborah, sorry that you need to cover up though most on here know about that
Michelle - How severe is your P Deborah?
deborah - Derm considers it severe. About 75% covered. (not all the time, but always to a pretty good degre... More »
Skyler - Sorry. I got some socks and cut the toes out and wear on my arms at night. It helps me not scratch.
Skyler - I’ve just been so stressed lately. Laying in bed worrying because I worry so much. Lol seriously... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Skyler, sounds like you are going through a lot.i am sorry about this,Have you thought abou... More »
Ellen - True Sarah & Michelle...maybe coz im top heavy & it gets kinda hot under my boobs...that's when t... More »
Clive - My bum aches for you in sympathy - sorry meant to say my heart sympathizes with you lol , cause i... More »
Michelle - Love Clive. I can picture it already
Janice - Great to see you again Kim, I keep dibbing in and out but I hate being off the site too long as i... More »
Clive - Hey John have you ever gone up to a lass/ lady whilst socializing in say a pub ,club, or party e... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Clive,Haha,noooo,i have never approached ladies like that and said about my P, yes i can u... More »
Elaine - Yay! Thank you, John!!! I've been using an emery board lightly on my skin, then use coconut oil... More »
Mishlyn - I do the same Elaine, just rub the lemon right in my skin. I cut it in quarters and use one at a ... More »
john,Hulk - Your welcome Elaine,Emery board, sounds drastic ,like getting out the sand paper or wet and dry ... More »
john,Hulk - Yes, i think you are right Millionways :)
Lorna Penner - I know I need to get more gloves to do dishes..
john,Hulk - Have fun alberto, fill them all in :)
john,Hulk - Thank you Janthats kind of you to say that, good to see you back Thank you very much :) :)
john,Hulk - Thank you Helen, i hope you are well? thank you very much though some might say, that some of my ... More »
Helen - Yes I'm good John, thanks. Continuing with the new eating regime. Skin looks like it's beginning ... More »
Michelle - lol. Thank you John. I've always had a temper but now it's as if I don't have patience? None. No ... More »
Gabriela - Amazing. I’m considering even moving to a Punta Cana Dominican Republic . Back to teaching, finis... More »
Michelle - @ Gabriela. Warm place to stay indeed and absolutely beautiful. I would love to stay there as wel... More »
john,Hulk - So true joyce, what we really need in an add where they say clear skin is awful :)
john,Hulk - Hello Michelle , suppose chemical wipes are a quick fix as thats what people want ?
Michelle - Yes it is John, I use the baby wipes and I have never had a problem with it before up to now.
Bev - Sounds like the perfect day John & James
john,Hulk - thank you bev,i went out after the sun was getting mild, which was nice for a short time,i could... More »
Susan - Sounds relaxing john... Kind of like a meditative retreat... Nice!
Andy - Hi John, hope you’ve Had a good weekend. Did you have any luck with the lottery this week??😊
Justin - I will check my Lotto on Tuesday - I need cash!
john,Hulk - Hello Andy no luck ah well, i keep trying thank you :)
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