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Psoriasis is ruining my life. I can't stop itching. If anyone has any help please let me know


Michael O’Rourke - Ace, I have had psoriasis for 60 years. (I am 79 now) and lately I have been getting those itchy ... More »
RIAZ - Could be an allergic reaction to something you eating or have in contact with, if it goes away.
Jeff - Yes i have had mine , no problems other than a stif arm for a couple of days.
Jen - Thanks Ace. Happy newyear to all.
john,Hulk - Happy new Year Ace, All the best to you ,Thank you :)
Michelle - Happy New Year Ace!
john,Hulk - Great news about your weight Ace :) I wish i could help you with the eyes, i dont get it there th... More »
Michelle - Thank you. Sounds like I'm all good so far. :)
Sallyhr - I have Sjogrens as well... so very dry eyes, mouth and nose are an additional everyday nuisance t... More »
KL - I have recently been told by my opthamologist that my dry red eyes are actually rosacea. Didn’t r... More »
Glenn - I would simply use plain soft cookies, with a layer of marshmallow between 2 cookies and encased ... More »
Sarah - Umm which fruits and nuts can you have? Coconut?
Jonathan - Mix with almond flour for better texture :)
Mishlyn - Hi Ace, I use tgel ex strength shampoo when my scalp is bad & use tea tree oil with mint based sh... More »
Sarah - I use right now Aldi Lacura anti-dandruff shampoo. Before that I used Boots Coconut Shampoo. Oatm... More »
Jen - Hi Ace maybe change up your diet. Eat different things for a while. It sounds like something is n... More »
Vinay - Hello Ace, I've had psoriasis since 17 and i'm not completely clear. I had to avoid all meats, eg... More »
Vinay - Sorry, there was a typo error its actually "i'm now completely clear" :)
Jen - Have you tried to figure out what your triggers are Ace? I know you are following a diet so that'... More »
Sarah - I don't know what that cream is! But when I was in physio for a ruptured gluteal muscle, I used g... More »
Mishlyn - I have never been able to put on the muscle relaxing creams. Always ittitated my skin. My Chiropr... More »
Jen - Same here Michelle. They give me a rash and irritate my p. I love the smell of Tigerbalm but can'... More »
Ava - Ace, I can't see most of my spots, as they're beneath my hair, but heat definitely aggravates the... More »
Michelle - Yes definitely Ace. My spots will go red when I'm in the sun but after a while, they will become ... More »
Mishlyn - I usually do too. I have been in the hot sun a lot this past week and have had no redness. Spend... More »
Sarah - Ace I use Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion on my scalp (used it tonight! use it often) to ease th... More »
Ava - I wish I'd never begun picking at my scalp, because the habit's difficult to stop, and I end up p... More »
Sarah - So pleased to hear that! The oil soaks are something I've only come by in the past year, and now ... More »
Sarah - Hi Ace, that's a very valuable bit of information for you, so glad you thought to go and get chec... More »
Maggie Chong - Same, been taking in Vitamin D even since the doctor's check up.
Catherine - best vitamin D to take
Mishlyn - Have you noticed a difference in your skin since you have been making changes?
Michelle - I just love a bunless burger Ace. 2 big Mushrooms lettuce lean beef (patty) fried onion (whi... More »
Sarah - Hi Ace, oh it does get boring sometimes on a simple diet trying to think of ways to change it up.... More »
Sarah - Hi Ace! I get some p on my face too. This past year I've been using Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lot... More »
Ace - I Know I have plaque on my head, and I think guttate. Not sure what else.
john,Hulk - Yes my face some times looks like i have put a blow torch to it so, i am resorting to using stero... More »
alex73 - Hi Ace. My opinion is that when you lose a lot of weight during short period of time, let's say ... More »
Sarah - Yes I have a few wrinkles around arm creases. Oh and on my stomach from rapid changes of pregnant... More »
Ace - Thanks
john,Hulk - Your welcome Ace. :)
Sarah - Hi Ace, from what you read it seems that many believe white meats and fish to be better for psori... More »
Ruben - Just be prepared when you google...
Sarah - I hate Google images. It is scary. But I guess that is life! I for one am happy that we don't ima... More »
Arti Sharma - Consult with a doctor first..may it is only a sun burn..
Michelle - I have swam in a salt water pool before but it was too strong. When I dove in I everything was ok... More »
Sarah - Hey Ace! I've swum in the sea quite a few times with my p in active mode and it has been fine for... More »
Michelle - Hi Ace, I used to get it yes but with the coal tar I'm using, I don't get it at all as the tar dr... More »
Sarah - Yes Ace I get peeling sometimes. Especially after swimming as the chlorine water dries out my fla... More »
Jen - Hello Ace. Yes my skin peels after a flare up. and yes very very itchy. I find what works best mo... More »
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