Chris @chris307

New York, NY, United States

Living with psoriasis since 1995. Eager to learn from everyone here and hear your stories.


RedSpotEliminator - Drink lots of water - I drink 8-10 glasses a day. Exercise regularly. Moisturize religiously. Su... More »
Susan - Chris you know about my healing and I think what we put into our bodies is going to show up good,... More »
Michelle - That's great to hear Chris :) Dietary changes and supplements has been very beneficial to me as w... More »
Sarah - Hey Chris! Yes I have p on the eyebrows and hairline, though at the moment it is very calm. Only ... More »
Matthew - I use a hydrocortisone cream on my face, it is a steroid cream but only contains 1% so it's ok to... More »
Susan - Hi Chris. Welcome to the site. john is great for psoriasis on the face ideas I think. He can t... More »
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