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Bristol, UK


john,Hulk - Happy New Year Chris , All the best to you too for the new year :)
Jen - Happy Newyear Chris. I second that.
john,Hulk - Oh dear, sorry to here this Chrisb, i remember the days i would scratch a lot years ago, the sun ... More »
Sarah - That is so true. Good to get the body out on show, but easier to faff and scratch definitely! Or ... More »
Mishlyn - Easier access for sure Chris. I find some times my hands can wander without me even realizing it.... More »
Timo - Chrisb: I used to do the same thing until I started using a coal tar shampoo. I may have Psoria... More »
Deleted account - I just get the vacuum out and hoover my hair.
Jack - Kind of reminds me of this YouTube channel I saw of an Asian guy with really severe P who posts v... More »
Kim - They obviously are not in England! Brrrr
Sarah - That is just not practical advice is it. The people writing it wouldn't want to do that!
john,Hulk - cold showers,makes my bones shake thinking about it, luke warm yes i can understand and pat dry a... More »
Foxy - Know that feeling well.
Foxy - This made me laugh as it is true with me also. My husband says "Stop scratching, it will make it ... More »
john,Hulk - ah have a good holiday :) I am going to Tenerife so will hide behind a rock when I get my top off :)
sally - make the most of the holiday it will do you good. Spend as much time in the sea as possible it wi... More »
betty finlay - I found a salt water pool close to home and will be looking into that upon my return...
Flaym - @chrisb: Flaym accounts are never connected to Facebook profiles. Nothing is shared automatically... More »
Jessi - You should never stop your lithium without consulting your prescriber. Lithium requires a lot of ... More »
Jac - Definately don't stop the treatment for your bipolar, but talk to your doctor about the fact that... More »
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