Chris @chrisshaw

Chesterfield, England, United Kingdom


lisa - always here for you and anyone else xx
Chris - Thank you, it means a lot xxx
Carolyn - Hang in there Chris!! It's an awful thing this depression, as I know only too well. We have to fo... More »
Ivy - Yep it's amazing how many experts are out there.
Brenda/joy - Everyone thinks they are a doctor I have people telling me the same thing I finally have the best... More »
Chris - You are so right we are lucky enough to have a mental health specialist which helps a lot
Ivy - Ouch, I know that one. Heat can make it worse, I try to not have the water too hot and a cool co... More »
Deleted account - sending a cooling liniment of love and understanding over to you. I really understand and feel fo... More »
Chris - thank you Alexandra had a horrible night itching head now sore going for a cool shower
Amber - I feel the same :) a lovely community where we can share stories and relate
leonard - this is a good site wot realy helps i fiend vaselin helps it stops you scrashing for a whil so su... More »
Brenda/joy - Hang in there Chris you are not alone <3 :) pardon any spelling mistakes glaucoma going for trea... More »
Chris - thanks guys it doesn't help with having the complimentary arthritis and depression
Vanessa - Hi. This is me most mornings. When I'm at home all day I can vacuum at least 3 times a day. My g... More »
Jack - You have a good sense of humour about it though Chris and that's powerful. Wish I woke up to brea... More »
Chris - Me too its really itchy
Jackie - Hi Chris - I had the same for 20 years and could not wear my rings either. You have probably hea... More »
Chris - i eat healthy as I have type 1 diabetes iam going in hospital on monday for a tolerance test to s... More »
Chris - thanks i will try to find them
Kay - Hi Chris, yeah I have been given the same thing 2 weeks ago, its done a good job on my face so fa... More »
Chris - just started the main thing it has done for me is relieved the itching , lesss messy as well
Ragazza - Well, I'm fine even if I'm in pain, burned by Light therapy, have flakes everywhere..( body and f... More »
Chris - ive got to have some tolerance tests although i eat healthy i may be eating the wrong food mad eh... More »
Ragazza - Ok intolerance tests aren't that bad. Atleast you will now what's wrong with the food you are eat... More »
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