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john,Hulk - Hello Christine,I always have in my past told them first as you get to know them,I just bring it ... More »
G - Hey Christine, for me i was straight forward with my skin condition, it didn’t matter to me if he... More »
Christine - Thanks for your kind thoughts. Any other answers?:)
john,Hulk - dr pagano is a legend for psoriasis sufferers, I have watch a lot about his work with healing on... More »
Christine - John, for how long are you following this diet and when appeared the first results (improvement)?
john,Hulk - hello Christine,its been around 5 month I think now,i gradually cut things out over months,olivi... More »
Susan - Very cool Christine. I look forward to hearing some ideas...
Susan - Christine I just googled if Moringa can help with Hashimoto's Disease. I'm a big believer now of... More »
Christine - Susan, I read a little about Moringa's benefits but I couldn't find anything related to skin. Can... More »
Susan - Christine I get my Moringa from a company called Zija. It's pure and comes in a powder form that... More »
Susan - Christine I think, for me, it's all about routine... Kind of like showering and shaving everyday.... More »
Shawn - Jane I now use coconut oil - thank you!!!
Jane :) - @Shawn: good to know that Shawn! 😊👍🏼
Susan - Hydrated and red by far. Means the rest of you is hydrated too which is healthier. Could care l... More »
Kim - Hydrated and red. I hate scaling.
darren - I don't use the gel but I have a shot of the aloe vera drink each morning doesn't taste nice but ... More »
Deleted account - Although I have a goatee and tache I use Aloe Vera Gel as an after shave balm/moisturizer, shavin... More »
Ajit - Raw aloe vera gel seems to make my skin even drier and crack open...Not working for me
Sherry - Since my husband has had cancer for over 10 years now and is also a diabetic and has thyroid dise... More »
THATH - No white shampoo
Sherry - yes... but the coal tar shampoo works the best for me...
Emma - I don't I wear short sleeves....if some doesn't like it they don't have to look and I have it elb... More »
Christine - Thank you for all your answers. I really appreciate them. In less than a week, I discovered such ... More »
Psoriatic4good - Thank You for those kind words!
Ashleigh - Tanning and natural sun! I have always covered myself. Wearing jeans and long sleeve shirts in th... More »
Anthony - Diet, for me seems like the way forward. I have found that everything I apply directly to psorias... More »
Alan - I have been thinking of trying it. I notice that I love potatoes and tomatoes, both "nightshades... More »
Christine - I just order it. I read some very good reviews about it. I really want to give it a try. Yeah, po... More »
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