Chris @christophe

Gisborne, New Zealand

One of the biggest fans of grilled meat... nothing beats a tender juicy eye fillet.... makes my eyes water thinking about it. Oh, and also... keep smiling. Feel free to send me a message. Happy to chat


Michelle - fantastic news Chris. I've heard hemp seed oil does work but never tried it. :)
Chris - It does almost sound too good to be true John. They extract fat from your hip through a needle...... More »
john,Hulk - $10,000 is around 7 to £8,000 i think in the uk ?, i shall look into it chris thank you :)
Mishlyn - Amazing Chris, you were able to witness first hand someone being healed from Parkinson's, that is... More »
Chris - Hey thanks Michelle you are such a great help.
Sarah - Yep Chris they do thin the skin! I used them quite a lot on my ears for a while and the skin is s... More »
Sue - I have always found that the change in seasons affect my skin. It doesn't matter if it is cold to... More »
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