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Livingston, United Kingdom

I love my 2 kids, wine F1 and hubby in that order ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


john,Hulk - Hello Claire, Sorry about this with the burning,I dont use creams from Docs,I have been given cre... More ยป
Claire - Thanks everyone. Good news is it has calmed down this morning. It's still red but not sore. That ... More ยป
Clint - Hot legs
john,Hulk - I think its lack of light and cold, I drink plenty of water all year round , Yes its better to b... More ยป
Susan - Might also be from less sun on the skin or maybe the Christmas stress... Mine doesn't do anything... More ยป
Michelle - Claire, I live in South Africa and we have sun almost 365 days a year. My P flare up during winte... More ยป
john,Hulk - yes, i am the same claire, i am with you on that, i dont like winter at all and it dont like me
Michelle - Most of us don't like winter as our P gets worse and when it gets to spring, we try all sorts of ... More ยป
john,Hulk - My cream is in the post,thank you ebay :) should get it by next week sometime,it will be my repla... More ยป
Catherine - I didn't buy the wash . But managed to get some moisturiser for sentities skin ..not a miracle cu... More ยป
Claire - Thank you everyone. I'm going to try it in the shower later. I will update you in a few days
Jill - Iv just been told coconut oil works will be trying it tonight
Jacquie - Just trying this too Jill, I don't know how long to wait for results though - what about you? I h... More ยป
Patricia - cerve for p its a rinse clean and moister it in blue
Jane - I have that in my mouth! Maybe that is what is on my head?
Susan - Claire there are steroid creams you can use but if you haven't done an elimination diet you won't... More ยป
rob - polytar liquid, if that don't work dithronol.
Mishlyn - Hi Claire, It works really well me also :) I add some tea tree oil to it as well. Thanks for sha... More ยป
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Claire, thanks for sharing, glad it's working!
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