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I am 66. A Taurus. And I am so suborn !! I have seen so many posts on people going thru so much with psoriasis! I used to have it all over my body. Now just one spot on my butt and have it on my scalp! On my scalp is the worse cause it affects my h


Susan - Geri that is too funny! I just responded to Flaym that I have started tapping. I did it many ye... More »
Sarah - I have never heard of tapping!
Mishlyn - Awesome Geri! I have tried tapping and find it very therapeutic. Nick and Jessica Ortner are real... More »
Geri - Oh nooooo. That reminds me of a hair dresser told me this lady came in to get her hair dyed a lot... More »
Sarah - That's ace Geri. So good to see how your change of mindset and lifestyle was able to help you! Qu... More »
Geri - Thanks Sarah ! When I was younger thou it wasn’t so easy but as you felt older you learn! You lea... More »
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