Clive @clive1

Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Every body wants to change the world , why not just change yourself. I am a garden variety South African with way to much mouth and far too little brain power! Psoriasis is a lovely sunny side up kind of disorder that makes me feel vulgar !


Roxanne - I have hat problem too.
psomom - Took me 4 tries to post ‘me too’. 2 times to post this one.
Mishlyn - Sorry to hear that Clive, I hope it has been able to calm down a bit since then. If not, have yo... More »
Clive - I was very precise and meticulous in the pharmaceutical measurements when i mixed it - i splashed... More »
popeye - Clive - It's a Narrow Band UVB Lamp which is different than what you get in a Sun Bed Shop , I ha... More »
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