Sarah @cottonbud

Leicester, United Kingdom

Psoriasis has been my annoying companion for 26 years (I'm 44). I've had every conventional skin treatment possible and eventually ditched them all in favour of a Keto diet, less hectic lifestyle and a natural skincare product approach.


Susan - Thanks John. I guess I eat keto then. LOL. Actually I looked it up so no, I don't really eat k... More »
Lindakay1948 - Sarah I am so glad you did write today I have a friend who seemingly got rid of the bulk of her o... More »
Sarah - Hi Lindakay, Almost anyone of any age can do keto. If you have type 1 diabetes, it’s best to cons... More »
Sarah - Topically, I just pour a few tablespoons of kefir onto clean, dry skin, spread it like moisturise... More »
Mishlyn - Thanks for sharing Sarah! I want to give keto a go soon! 😀
Sarah - That sounds really fab Sarah. So pleased you are seeing results in your skin!
Deleted account - Happy Christmas Sarah.
liz - Happy Xmas Sarah x
Mishlyn - Happy Christmas Sarah! I hope you are well! :)
Mishlyn - That is fantastic Sarah! I bet it is quite helpful having one at home :) Have you had it long or ... More »
Sarah - Relatively new, MishLyn. I've had it since July, but stopped using it daily when we went somewher... More »
Sarah - Love a multi-pronged approach, Sarah!
Susan - Nan you can get Moringa through Zija in SA
Susan - Sarah mine is raw but tastes good.
Lorna Penner - Sarah but I'm across the world from you and I can try our stores here too. Thanks tho,
James - I just made a big pot of soup this morning, a thick lentil and vegetable broth. Any leftover veg ... More »
Deleted account - Yes, I tend to hibernate with my soups/crock pot food and snuggle in the Autumn! I have mild psor... More »
Sarah - Love this first post, Sarah. Lovely to hear your positive and proactive experiences!
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