Charmaine @cpather

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa


Charmaine - Thank you all for the good wishes
Harold - Happy birthday Charmaine. Glad thatr you chose to celebrate it.
Charmaine - Thank you Harold
Harold - I've heard of it being prescribed by some dermatologists but it's pretty pricey & not many medica... More »
Charmaine - Thank you Harold. will start immune suppressants shortly after seeing by oncologist on Wed. Want... More »
dimidi - Would you call me after that ?
Lucie - Hi Charmaine, im with you on that sister mine has got to that stage where i scratch it sooooo har... More »
Deleted account - Hi Charmaine, Plenty of water if you don't already and moisturise thinly and often with something... More »
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