paul @crick

Leicester, United Kingdom


john,Hulk - hello paul,what kind of tablet is that that you had or have ?thanks
paul - it was atoorvastatin
Gail - Paul, I hate to say this, but "statin" drugs are very dangerous. Please do as much research as y... More »
Jack - How peculiar - me too! Got the flu of all flus two weeks ago... It mutated into a sore throat. Th... More »
Janice - Poor Paul, don't let it get you down as it will only make it worse, hoping you get some relief so... More »
Sarah - Mine is very linked to illnesses especially throat viruses
john,Hulk - i know that feeling all too well in the past, my joints would crack clunk trying to rub that crea... More »
Nan195 - Get better soon Paul 😊
Nan195 - Get better soon Paul 😊
Piers - I just didn't want to go down that road, It really is bad besides it being on my head palms of my... More »
john,Hulk - hellopaul , at work, i got to wash my hands constantly as its to do with infection control. my pa... More »
john,Hulk - my hands are as wrinkled as prunes,my hands need a make over haha :)
Janice - I know the feeling, we have black vinyl flooring in our kitchen and I have a naughty habit of scr... More »
john,Hulk - i call mine a pain in the ass :)
Elizabeth - Although I said Summer is worse because of the heat the winter can be bad because of the cold whe... More »
Izzy - Complete opposite for me. Diet affects it more
barnie - mine never changes,sun helps elbows in summer if I get long exposure.
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