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Liverpool, UK

Dealt with psoriasis most of my life and the psychological affects only us who suffer truly appreciate...However my outlook is now, deal with it and try to keep positive... Not easy aye; but the worse you feel the worse it gets...


Rosey - Happy 50 the Bithday🎉🎂 Hope you celebrate in Style Welcome to the " Over the hill club" :-)
Jen - Happy birthday Dakeyras 😊
popeye - Happy Birthday :)
john,Hulk - Good, you are not bad, better than being bad :), Yes its okay,most of the time its great ,Now and... More »
Rita - Over the years I have tried many dietary changes to see what affects my skin and health. I have c... More »
john,Hulk - I am okay with beer Rita, spirits dont like my joints, I dont drink that much now as i used to,Wi... More »
Dakeyras - Recently became aware of a different treatment via work colleague, that actually worked for mysel... More »
Rosey - Mines nearly clear on face and just used Vaseline mind you suffered all winter with scaley face a... More »
deborah - Just do what you can do Dakeyras.... check in, say hi once in a bit. I get it.
Dakeyras - A wee bit later time wise than I anticipated(apart from the occasional; somewhat very sporadic fo... More »
Dakeyras - Just posted a response and not here?
Mishlyn - Have a great time Dakeyras! Hope you get plenty of Rest and Relaxation! :)
Michelle - Hi Dakeyras. I was looking for your response to John's question but I can't find it. Might be on ... More »
James - I'm not ex military but the truth is not all civilian GPs know much about P, or, in my opinion, h... More »
Sarah - I hate that any of us should ever feel shame. We didn't ask for this. It's the toughest part of i... More »
Bev - Sorry you feel like that Dakeyras
Michelle - Hi Dakeyras. The only time we should feel ashamed is when we humiliate people with a disease/illn... More »
Ruben - Browser and since a few minutes app too :)
Susan - Dakeyras I have always used my laptop/browser.
Dakeyras - Thanks for the replies folks, much appreciated!
Dakeyras - For myself being lifelong dealing with 'P' I have long known now what will trigger a more severe ... More »
Sarah - Hey Dakeyras! For me it is a very recent thing that I have been able to know anything at all abou... More »
Michael - Alcohol triggers mine
Dakeyras - Thanks all, much appreciated! This may amuse some; it did myself actually....was in work today... More »
Rita - Count yourself lucky that you have a full head of hair! So many men lose a lot of their hair at a... More »
Dakeyras - Aye very true lass, thanks! :)
Dakeyras - Thank you!
Susan - Congratulations Dakeyras. Means that you have lots to give back.
Dakeyras - Belated a wee bit; thank you!
Dakeyras - Oh dear daft me eh, neglected to complete the post... What I meant to post was: Its now Spr... More »
Mishlyn - It is getting close enough to spring here too Dakeyras 🌞 (Wont let the 4inches of snow that fell ... More »
Dakeyras - Aye indeed lass!
Mishlyn - That is so true Dakeyras, the psychological aspect is buried deep. My wish that in time, with mor... More »
Heather - Dakeyras, it took a long time but I was able to get over the stares and mistreatment by society, ... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Dakeyras! It's true. Today I wore a t-shirt for the first time in months as it ... More »
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